By Eric Schmidt

Despite earlier rumors and speculation, it now appears that the use of the franchise tag on Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn is unlikely. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers front office is unlikely to place the franchise tag on Aaron Rodger’s backup over the past few seasons.

Once a two-year deal was struck with TE Jermichael Finley, there was much speculation that the Packers, would place the franchise tag on QB Matt Flynn. Flynn, destined to become a free agent, has become this year’s version of QB Kevin Kolb after passing for 480 yards and six touchdowns in the Packers Week 17 game against the Detroit Lions.

Nearly a half-dozen teams are in search of a quarterback this year, and after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are selected in this year’s draft, there are questions surrounding the remaining candidates in this year’s draft. The free agent pool of veteran signal callers is very thin, except for the possibility of Peyton Manning joining a team in need of a quarterback and returning to pre-injury status.

Flynn is an intriguing prospect, especially for a team employing a West Coast offensive style such as Cleveland or Seattle. If the Packers do not place the franchise tag on Flynn, then teams could acquire Flynn with nothing more than offering a contract, instead of surrendering draft choices in order to move up to acquire Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

Placing the franchise tag on Flynn by the Packers would cause them to juggle some salaries in order to accommodate the $14.4 million dollar salary his cap hit would require after being hit with the tag. According to the Press-Gazette, the Packers are currently up against the salary cap, despite having approximately $6 million in cap space to carry forward from last season.

I understand that the Packers might like to receive something in return for Matt Flynn, after possibly creating the next starting quarterback for another NFL team, but Green Bay needs to let go and not roll the dice with placing the franchise tag on Matt Flynn. Green Bay is going to enter into the 2012 season as one of the three NFC teams positioned to return to the Super Bowl, they simply need to move forward.




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    Yeah I think I can say this guy reminds me of Rob Johnson. I would not sign him.


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