By Eric Schmidt

The the news that veteran QB Peyton Manning will agree to a contract with the Denver Broncos this afternoon, the NFL world immediately shifted to what the future holds for QB Tim Tebow. One team which has been linked, geographically, as a possible landing spot for the former University of Florida quarterback, has been the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was reported by ESPN and other media outlets this afternoon that the Denver Broncos are going to explore trade options for Tim Tebow.

Obviously, speculation immediately ran rampant with the possibility of Tebow landing with the Jaguars, as owner Shahid Khan released a statement after fielding media requests for comment. Khan released a short statement to the media in regards to Tebow. “We won’t comment on players who are not members of the Jaguars organization. But I would like to wish Peyton Manning the very best in the AFC West.

Certainly Khan is happy to see Peyton Manning leave the AFC South but he cannot comment on players under contract with other teams or risk a fine from the NFL league office. However, the speculation surrounding Tim Tebow landing in Jacksonville was spurred on by Khan himself. Khan told members of the media that he would have “100 percent” drafted Tim Tebow in 2010.

Jacksonville will need to figure out what to do with Blaine Gabbert if the club signs Tim Tebow and the franchise just signed QB Chad Henne in free agency last week.





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  1. avatar mudwump

    Wow! I’ve been Tebowing over this all week and BINGO! Tebow jerseys, Tebow coffee mugs, T-shirts, socks, sleep wear, key chains, and don’t get greedy. Give ALL the players a rebate check on the Tebow stuff, then everyone will be glad.

  2. avatar Mikeymomo

    It would be very bad for business in Jacksonville passed on Tebow for a second time! I am a huge Bronco fan living in Jacksonville, but i know a great game sellout opportunity when I see one. Sooooo many Jaguar fans who hate that he went to Denver would certainly change their opinion of him of he came back home to where fan base is located. Please make Tebow a Jaguar and I WILL BE A DIE HARD FAN!


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