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The Miami Dolphins must fire GM Jeff Ireland, or they can get used to losing every season in an ultra competitive AFC East. Owner Stephen Ross has no choice at this point, unless he really wants to do Dolphins fans everywhere an even bigger favor and sell the team outright.

It just isn’t working, and it only seems to get worse and worse with each passing day. Ireland must go.

The guy is perhaps the most incompetent general manager in the history of the National Football League. That is no joke. He fails to make the trades that will help improve the team, yet he continues to make poor decisions in terms of who he does trade for or acquire through free agency and the NFL Draft. Not only has he done an awful job as a professional, but he appears to have even more detractors as a human being.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said Ireland was the reason he did not sign with Miami a couple of years back. Matt Flynn basically said the exact same thing right after he decided to sign with the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend. He just did it in a far classier and smarter way. Channing Crowder retired because Ireland is such an idiot, and the team lost any opportunity it had to select Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant in the draft a couple of years back after Ireland flat out came out and asked Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.

With all of that being said, can anyone tell me why this moron is still in charge of what was a once proud franchise with a strong tradition of winning?

Ross said that his biggest goal this offseason was to significantly improve the quarterback position. Unless I misread his statement, was David Garrard the right choice? Remember, this is the same guy who sat out all of last season instead of playing for Miami after he was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, he is a year older.

Ireland must go. It is that simple.

Where does the team go from here? They missed out on Manning. They missed out on Flynn. They have also missed out on Alex Smith and two top head coaches in Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher. It is all because they are so poorly run right now, and it is disgusting. Dolphins fans deserve much better.

Any teams fans deserve much better than Ireland.

So, Miami will enter training camp with Garrard competing with Matt Moore for the starting spot. Honestly, Moore is much better at this stage, although neither player will have anyone worth throwing the ball to on offense, following the trade of Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears. Of course, there is the 2012 NFL Draft in a month, but I can’t see them doing that well there to improve the team either.

So, do you do the unthinkable and trade for Tim Tebow out of desperation? He couldn’t learn this offense any worse if he tried, as Tebow is not really a starting NFL quarterback for any franchise, let alone one that runs the West Coast offense.

Or, do you reach for Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who played more games for the Aggies as a wide receiver than as a quarterback? He has strong ties with Mike Sherman, who was his college head coach at A&M last season. But he is also a project.

During a recent protest by the fans calling for the immediate removal of Ireland as Miami’s general manager, he told reporters that the process is only halfway over. Considering he has done next to nothing once again, I’m afraid of what the next half holds in store. Bringing back Ted Ginn Jr, perhaps?

Miami has a couple of options, and should all begin with firing Ireland and putting someone in charge of making personnel and football decisions who has a clue. Ross has demonstrated that he has no clue either, and should become a hands-off owner once he puts the right man in charge.

Then, Miami ought to just throw the entire 2012 NFL season. They will finish behind the New England Patriots, New York Jets and most likely even the Buffalo Bills, and that is if they give it their all.

So, by ensuring that the team finishes with the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Dolphins can then go out and select USC quarterback Matt Barkley. The team is going to be bad, so why not go out and try to be the worst.

It really shouldn’t take all that much anyway, and then they can finally put themselves in a position to acquire a franchise quarterback for the future.

That is, unless Barkley pulls a John Elway and Eli Manning and tells the team that they are so bad and so poorly run that he will not sign with them.

Go ahead and laugh, but tell me it would not be a distinct possibility at this point.






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Readers Comments (3)

  1. avatar Iam305Jules

    I don’t particularly enjoy someone losing their job, but this franchise is bleeding right now. It’s bleedingfans and the oportunity cost is running very high and rising The Dolphins need O-line help and unless there’s something planned for the draft along those lines, whoever is the QB next year is in trouble, especially twice a year when facing the Bills,

  2. avatar ZEX

    Right on point! It is also evident that Ross could care less by holding on to Ireland despite the outcry and the obvious incompetency. We seem to take a step backwards and then forwards, only to go backwards again! Unfortunate for this once proud franchise, it doesnt seem to matter who owns them or whom is coaching! Certainly makes one wonder if these manager errors were purposefuly done to hurt the franchise since nothing is done to correct them? If it is done to eleviate the pain of selling the team away, then do us all a favor and do it yesterday!


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