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The Miami Dolphins traded embattled wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears yesterday for two third round draft picks. They did so just two seasons after acquiring him from the Denver Broncos for two second round picks and a boat load of money, which seems a bit curious, at the very least.

Once the deal was announced yesterday, many Dolphins were left scratching their heads, wondering exactly which direction the team would be heading in 2012.

Then, it struck them that perhaps Miami was clearly space for the Dolphins to be in a better position to get the band from Indy back together in South Beach. Like many people, the Dolphins felt that adding Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne would be a great decision going forward. They also knew of Marshall’s issues, meaning that Manning may not want to put up with that type of behavior every time in the huddle after Marshall doesn’t get a pass thrown his way.

Trade Marshall, make Manning happy and then sign him, Wayne and Dallas Clark and even possibly Jeff Saturday.

Forget it, Miami fans. It ain’t happening.

This is the Dolphins, after all. They haven’t made a great decision since drafting Dan Marino back in 1983.

I kid, of course, but you understand where I am going with this. Miami never made an attempt to get Marino a solid running back or defense and give him a better chance to win that elusive Super Bowl championship. They traded for Ricky Williams, only to watch him burn them on numerous occasions. They were then spurned by Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher as head coaching candidates, and now will most likely be passed on by Manning.

Marshall enjoyed his best years with Cutler as his quarterback.

Manning appears likely headed to either the Denver Broncos or Tennessee Titans. Miami will have to settle on either Matt Flynn or draft Ryan Tannehill out of Texas A&M in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Neither is exactly Peyton Manning, meaning the team will not only struggle once again to win games in the competitive AFC East, but they are doing absolutely nothing to help win back the fans of South Florida, and who can blame them considering the moves – or lack-thereof – the team has made under new owner Stephen Ross.

And now, without Marshall, the team has no go-to receiver.

And did I mention that Wayne already signed with the Colts, and that many of the bigger name receivers already found new homes yesterday, leaving Miami with a below average receiving corps, at best as of this minute?

While the Marshall trade initially seemed confusing at a minimum, a little bit of light was shed this morning.

Sending your best offensive player to a team who was in dire need of an upgrade at the receiving position for just a pair of third round draft picks seemed questionable from a Dolphins’ fan’s perspective. especially when you consider it will pair him up with Jay Cutler, who Marshall enjoyed his best years as a player with in Denver. It seemed like a steal for the Bears, especially considering the move was not made to acquire Manning, at least the way it appears right now.

But then, we found out a bit more regarding Marshall’s off the field troubles.

Just a few days ago, Marshall was involved in an altercation in a New York City night club, in which he allegedly struck a woman. While Marshall’s representatives are disputing the claim, saying that the receiver was not involved in any way in the fight, it is hard to believe him, given his past indiscretions.

Marshall has already worn out a welcome in Denver, and now he has done so in Miami. Having already been suspended for violating the NFL personal conduct policy, it may be just a matter of time before Marshall is disciplined once again.

But this time, he will be the Bears’ problem. Miami has washed their hands clean of him.

But it is not to appease Peyton Manning. That dream appears long gone, even before it really got started.

Hey, what do you expect. This is the Dolphins.





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  1. avatar Jack

    Hey Admin and Robbie, reasonable debate?…”But hey, what do you expect,this is the Dolphins.” Intellectual debate huh? I agree with Danny, your biased and your remarks on the Dolphins are insulting. Yes, Ross is a new owner and has made some mistakes. Harbaugh never had any intention of coming to the Dolphins. And Manning? It was a wild shot for a Hall of Famer. All you want to do is keep taking cheap shots at a good team. And PS Mr inteelectuals..Ricky Williams came after Marino, you idiots. Take your bias some where else!

  2. avatar Danny

    Go F&*K yourself, I’m tired of all the Dolphin and Miami bashing. Why is it that the national media has such a ignorant and malicious attitude towards all things Miami?? Jealosy and Envy. You can shove your condescending comments up your A#$!!

  3. avatar admin

    Your use of the English language is remarkable. Bring a reasonable debate about the Miami Dolphins forward other than your hate induced expletive filled response. And the Miami Dolphins are going where exactly?


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