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Just hours after learning that the Indianapolis Colts would part ways with QB Peyton Manning, a New York Jets player told the New York Daily News that Manning “needs to be a Jet.” Of course, this is not the first time Peyton Manning has been rumored to be linked to the New York Jets as a possible destination. If Peyton Manning is indeed healthy, there will be several teams willing to take a gamble on the future Hall of Famer.

An unnamed, “prominent” Jets player told the Daily News, “I want him in New York. He needs to be a Jet.” This comment brings to mind why it seems that all of the quotes from Jets players this season, seemingly come from unnamed sources.

The Daily News reports that the Jets front office have had serious internal talks about acquiring Peyton Manning and that the Jets organization will indeed make an inquiry into Manning’s health and desire to play in New York. However, the paper reports that there are conflicting opinions inside the front office regarding discussions over Manning.

The Daily News quotes another unnamed source with the organization as saying, “Can you imagine if word gets out that we’re trying to get Peyton Manning and we don’t get Peyton Manning? Then we have to play with Mark Sanchez?” Excuse me, but hasn’t word just gotten out by speaking to a reporter that the club is at least having discussions about the possible move?

There seems to be this constant discussion about bruising the ego of QB Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is a grown man. If the club feels that they want to move another direction, then either accept it or not, but his ego shouldn’t be the sole basis for making business decisions. After 47 starts, you have to believe that the franchise has a pretty good feel for whether or not they believe that Sanchez is the right quarterback for the club. If he isn’t make a move to someone who you believe is a better fit. Stop walking on eggshells.

Perhaps this is just what Sanchez needs in order to light a fire. He’s been backed up with a 40-year old quarterback for two seasons which has not challenged him. Just because Sanchez was the number five overall pick of the 2009 NFL shouldn’t give him carte blanche, several top five picks in the draft don’t work out. Move on.

The Jets might not have the salary cap space in order to acquire Manning, but you have to figure that after some disappointing seasons after making bold preseason predictions, that head coach Rex Ryan might be finding his seat getting a little warm. Eventually, he is going to have to deliver for the Jets or find himself unemployed.

Whether or not the Jets sign Peyton Manning, the team needs to do something with Mark Sanchez. Finding themselves now without a legitimate backup quarterback on the roster, the organization needs to bring in a quarterback which can actually challenge Sanchez. Someone who could force him to elevate his game and allow the club to decide once and for all whether or not he’s the answer at quarterback for the New York Jets.

Reports surfaced this week that the Jets are interested in former Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne as well as former Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell.






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