By Eric Schmidt

I thought that nothing would eclipse the Brett Favre watch of the last few seasons, but once again, I’m surprised. The rumor mill surrounding QB Peyton Manning and where he might land is in full swing, this afternoon linking the Houston Texans to the former Indianapolis Colts signal caller.

ESPN reported early on in the Manning Sweepstakes that 12 teams made an inquiry into Peyton Manning. Now that Manning has only met with the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals, the sports world is hot on the trail of finding the other 10 teams which expressed an interest in the former 4-time MVP.

This afternoon, reports surfaced that the Houston Texans have/had interest in Peyton Manning, despite scheduling an official visit with the quarterback. Is anyone paying attention to a small something called the salary cap? The Texans are less that 24 hours away from losing their former number one overall draft selection, DE Mario Williams, because they cannot pay him.

Would the addition of Peyton Manning be an upgrade to the Houston Texans? Of course, he is in reality, a 4-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Is his addition to the team a requirement for the Texans to get to the next level? No.

I understand the desperation by Texans fans. Just back up for a moment and take a breath. QB Matt Schaub didn’t finish the season with the Texans, due to injury, rookie QB T.J. Yates took Houston to the divisional round of the AFC playoffs. It’s not time to blow the quarterback position up, and frankly, the Texans cannot afford to sign Peyton Manning.

I understand the frustration of many Texans fans, seeing Manning shred their team for years and now the mere prospect of seeing Manning in a Houston jersey has many fans delusional. If the recent reports of the Texans “inquiring” about Manning are true, then the franchise is doing it’s due diligence, you constantly want to upgrade your club. But in the end game, Houston fans should relax, and roll into 2012 with Matt Schaub under center with a very fine opportunity to reach Super Bowl XLVII with their team.




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