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Peyton Manning is reportedly down to three teams, and is expected to make his decision on where to sign by this Monday or Tuesday. While the Denver Broncos may have pursued him the hardest, and the Tennessee Titans could offer him a chance to come home with a lifetime contract, Manning would make the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl favorites if he chooses to sign with them.

No offense to Alex Smith. Actually, what the 49ers have with Smith as their quarterback is that indeed. No offense. Had they had a better offense in last season’s NFC Championship game, they would have been able to beat the New York Giants and advance to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. I know the 49ers wide receivers were not much to brag about, but when they only catch two passes, that is not going to get the job done.

Think about the team that San Francisco could offer to Manning. A strong offensive line so he can play with less fear of getting jarred around. A very tough, grind it out running game to help alleviate some of the pressure as Manning reaches the twilight of his career. A top flight tight end and a rejuvenated Randy Moss.

Oh, and throw in the best defense in the NFL and a head coach who every player would like to play for, and the 49ers should appear quite attractive to any player in search of a championship.

As free agency rolls on and the offseason gets closer to the NFL Draft, only a handful of teams are given better odds of winning Super Bowl XLVII than the 49ers. That list includes the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. For those in Texas, don’t worry, as the Houston Texans received the same 10:1 odds of winning it all as the 49ers.

That means that the oddsmakers like the 49ers enough with Smith as their starting quarterback to reach the NFC Championship game again.

How much would they like them with Manning?






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