By Eric Schmidt

Now that QB Peyton Manning has finally inked his deal with the Denver Broncos this afternoon, the next big question entering the NFL discussion is going to be where QB Tim Tebow is going to land. Adam Schefter of ESPN throws out the idea this afternoon that the New York Jets are possibly considering Tim Tebow. If you thought he was a bad fit in Denver behind Peyton Manning, the idea that the Jets are exploring the possibility of trading for Tim Tebow is ludicrous.

Schefter reports, “Here’s another team that has discussed trading for Tim Tebow, even if it’s considered a longshot: the Jets.”

As I thought there was no way that Peyton Manning would join the New York Jets and dealing with the dysfunctional locker room issues which have been reported this offseason, there is no way in hell I envision Tim Tebow heading to the Jets and playing for Rex Ryan or in that environment.

Tebow is going to have to head to a team which is a good fit for him, and since he is under contract, he will have no say where he lands. If John Elway and the Denver Broncos sincerely care about Tim Tebow and his possible future in the NFL, there is no way they trade Tebow to the Jets.

I understand that Tebow is under contract, but I think that John Elway might work with Tebow behind the scenes and try to get the southpaw to a team which Tebow might be interested in joining. But, the New York Jets and Tim Tebow is not a good fit for either side.




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