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Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning have been together with the Indianapolis Colts for the past 11 NFL seasons. With Manning officially being released by the Colts on Wednesday, and with Wayne an unrestricted free agent, both will be seeking new homes. The question is, could they be seeking the same team to join this offseason?

Everyone has heard the rumors that at least 12 teams are looking into signing Manning, who says he is making significant progress from his neck surgeries and fully plans on playing this upcoming season. No doubt, he will be looking to prove everyone within the Colts’ organization wrong for releasing him.

And while Manning and Wayne will both have more than their fair share of suitors over the next few days and weeks, one natural fit keeps coming to mind. Apparently, it comes to mind of Wayne as well.

Wayne was a standout for the University of Miami Hurricanes during his collegiate career. Manning has a home in South Beach. The Miami Dolphins need a new quarterback, and have not had a solid starter since the days of Dan Marino. Owner Stephen Ross wants to bring the fans back to home games.

Are you all starting to put this together yet? If not, allow Wayne to clarify things a bit further.

Could Wayne and Manning join Marshall in Miami?

“I can see it, and I’m definitely not opposed to it,” Wayne said in an interview with WQAM about teaming up with Manning in Miami. “He’s a great worker. I consider myself a great worker, and when you put great workers together good things happen. Me being in his trail to Miami, I would definitely love it! I’m totally available. My phone is working…I’m ready for anything that comes! I definitely see that in the mix.”

Wayne went on to say that joining Manning with the Dolphins and winning another Super Bowl together would be a “story book ending.”

Dolphins fans couldn’t agree more.

Furthermore, Manning would be able to have a top wide receiving tandem that he has not had since the days that Marvin Harrison was paired with Wayne in Indianapolis. Brandon Marshall can be a beast in the right situation, which this would clearly be for all involved. To that point, Wayne also said that teaming alongside Marshall would be great, and so explosive that “the league might not want that.”

Again, Dolphins fans would.

While Miami and the rest of the league can begin contacting Manning immediately, they will have to wait until this coming Tuesday to negotiate a deal with Wayne, as that is the official start of the free agency period. But while teams cannot contact players, there is nothing prohibiting players from discussing their wish list teams, as Wayne clearly demonstrated.

“My phone is working. It’s definitely working. I got all my bars. Whenever that phone rings, trust me, I’ll answer,” Wayne said about his desire to sign with Miami along with his favorite quarterback.

Many people would prefer Miami to go in a different direction, such as signing Matt Flynn or trading up to draft Robert Griffin III or waiting to select Ryan Tannehill. While those could all be solid options eventually, none are really proven. Griffin and Tannehill are rookies, and Flynn has only played in a few NFL games.

If Manning is healthy, then that is the option that suits the Dolphins best. He is a proven winner and leader and would help put people back in the seats. Miami has struggled with attendance, leadership and winning over the past handful of seasons. Why not take care of all of that by making one simple phone call.

Or two.

Or three, if Jeff Saturday would like to join the parade as well. Another veteran leader on the offensive line is never a bad thing.






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