By Eric Schmidt

The NFL league office handed down their punishment on the Gregg Williams “Bounty Gate” scandal and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton received a one-year suspension. This isn’t the first time the NFL league office has come sniffing around the New Orleans Saints while under the direction of head coach Sean Payton. Saints owner Tom Benson had a tenuous relationship with the fans in New Orleans prior to winning a Super Bowl, but now Benson needs to take a lead in this situation and fire Sean Payton now.

After the Saints won their first ever Super Bowl Championship, Sean Payton was drawn into a prescription drug scandal involving Vicodin theft, the NFL turned a seeming blind eye to this issue. After all, it was the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl after the city was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina just a few years earlier. Bounty-gate couldn’t escape the Saints or the coaching staff.

The NFL reviewed a 50,000 page document and investigated this scandal for two years. It appears that due diligence by the league has been done. Commissioner Roger Goodell is tempered, and that’s a compliment to the head of the NFL, coming from me.

It’s been rumored, but not directly addressed by the NFL league office that outside sources put money on the table for the Saints bounty scandal. Michael Ornstein, a convicted felon brought in outside monies in order to fund the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. According to a detailed account by, Ornstein was a close personal friend of Sean Payton’s, and was the person responsible for making RB Reggie Bush ineligible to play at USC. The read at Deadspin is well worth the read. Sean Payton has not distanced himself from Ornstein, despite his shady history surrounding football programs.

This hammer, levied by the NFL this afternoon, rocks the NFL world. Tom Benson needs to make a statement and fire Sean Payton as soon as this evening.





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  1. avatar Laluke

    WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!people should not be allowed to pull a blog out of their ass without any validity of what they are writing. Dude you know nothing of the situation and you are just recycling crap that the media has already reported erroneously. As for due dilligence!!If you think the Saints are the originators for this type of pay for perfomance program, then not only are you misinformed, you are stupid!!If you think the commissioner could not have found a few more “digruntled players to rat on their former players, then you’re kidding yourself. the site is a F-ing joke.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Hey Coolhand,
      I know a little something of the situation and have covered the NFL longer than likely you’ve been a fan. I never said that the Saints were the originators of the Bounty system, they were just stupid enough to get caught, take outside money to fund the bounty from a two-time convicted felon, and then lie to the NFL league office. The Fleur-de-lis on your glasses are clouding your vision. (judging on the content of your comment, you’ll likely have to Google that term to see what it means) Thanks for your visit and I can’t wait to visit your well informed NFL site in the future.


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