By Eric Schmidt

The Pittsburgh Steelers did not place the franchise tag on WR Mike Wallace yesterday at the league imposed deadline, instead using a first-round tender. With two first-round draft picks in next month’s draft, the Cleveland Browns should consider using the number 22 pick and acquire WR Mike Wallace.

At this time of the year, lying by front offices of NFL franchises is rampant as teams position themselves for the upcoming draft. However, several reports suggest that the Cleveland Browns might not package thier plethora of draft picks in order to move up and draft Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. If this is indeed true, then the Browns should use their second first-round pick, number 22 overall, and acquire Pittsburgh Steelers WR Mike Wallace.

The move is a two-fold no brainer for the Browns. First, it takes Wallace away from a divisional opponent and second, it fills a great need for the Browns. Pittsburgh has been busy, purging their roster this offseason as they are trying to deal with salary cap issues and they were financially unable to place the franchise tag on Wallace due to those cap issues.

The Steelers tendered Wallace $2.7 million dollars as a restricted free agent, but he can listen to offers from other teams. If Wallace is offered another contract and declines to match the offer or is unable to match the offer due to salary cap issues, the Steelers would receive a first-round pick as compensation for the speedy wide receiver.

Wallace is one of the best deep threats in the NFL currently and will turn just 26 years of age this offseason. Locking up Wallace would be a wise move for the Cleveland Browns. In three seasons, Wallace has 3,206 yards with an 18.7 yards per catch average and 24 touchdowns.







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Readers Comments (7)

  1. avatar Dan

    The Browns cannot use the 22nd pick to acquire Wallace. If they sign him, they will have to give up the 4th pick (their original selection). Nice idea, but not going to happen.

  2. avatar Joe Frollo

    The Browns would have to give up the No. 4 pick for Mike Wallace. NFL teams must surrender their own first-round pick for high-tendered players. In the same way, the Falcons and Raiders could not sign Wallace because they don’t have a first-round pick.

    Teams with two picks can’t choose which one they would give up.

  3. avatar nfl jerseys

    Worth a go, they know what they are getting with Wallace.

  4. avatar Keith

    No they should trade a 2nd round pick for Djac. If wallace is worth a 1st why isnt Djac trade with the Eagles you get the same deep threat.

    Not to same mind set being he seems like a dick but im not a browns fan and dont care lol.

  5. avatar rich clovis

    sign hillis then go for Rg 3 then get more protecton, then sign mike wallis.

  6. avatar chad branham

    If your planning on taking Blackmon with that 4th pick why not trade it for Wallace? My guess though is that they trade down and pick up another 2nd or 3rd rounder. This is a really deep draft and I think they could get 5 or 6 starter quality players in this draft.


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