By Eric Schmidt

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for a veteran quarterback. Not one to replace starter, Tony Romo, but one to back him up. According to the Dallas Morning News, the franchise will not be drafting a new signal caller in next month’s draft, but rather, they will pursue acquiring a veteran in order to back up Tony Romo.

The Cowboys currently have Stephen McGee on their roster backing up Romo. The Texas A&M signal caller is entering the final year of his rookie contract. Veteran QB Jon Kitna had been Romo’s backup for the past two seasons, but the 15-year veteran announced his retirement this offseason due to a back injury and is now teaching high school algebra.

The free agent crop of quarterbacks this season is not exceptionally deep, however there are a few seasoned veterans the Cowboys could look towards. Jason Campbell will be a free agent this season. The Miami Dolphins will allow Chad Henne to hit the open market. Donovan McNabb is currently unemployed as well.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars signal caller, David Garrard has stated that he is currently back to 100% and has made it known he wishes to return to the NFL. Garrard wants to go somewhere where he can compete for the starting job however so Dallas might not be a good fit.

Dallas was a perfect fit for Kitna and he performed well in 2010 when Tony Romo was lost to an injury. In 10 games with the Cowboys, Kitna appeared in 10 games, throwing for nearly 2,400 yards with 16 touchdowns.




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  1. avatar Rico

    Jason Campbell would be nice number 2 qb for the
    Dallas Cowboys.

    • avatar Pierre Logano

      I agree. Jason Cambell would be a good choice!

  2. avatar dennis boggs

    camphell is a good fit for dallas and an excellent athlete just needs a line to help him do his job just like tony romo

  3. avatar jeff

    they need more than a back up qb. they need a dependable starting qb. hell they need a whole owner,gm,coaching staff, even water boy’s. the cowboys are my team, but since jerry j got rid of jimmy j. they suck.

  4. avatar tommy bourgeois

    they need lineman’s they need big time receivers go and get Marcus coleson Hines ward

  5. avatar dirtyo11

    We need a backup that can compete for the starting position. Cambell or Henne will bring the best out of Romo because Romo will play harder with less errors because he’ll be worried about Cambell or Henne taking his job.

  6. avatar Betty

    Romo needs to go!!!!! Sign Peyton or Jason, or even Donovan! Romo will NEVER be a good quarterback.

  7. avatar tammy jackson

    why not try for peton manning?

  8. avatar curtis boykins

    cant u all c that tony break n pressure hes not goin 2 get it done .he need some 1 behind him that will make him work or sit down


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