By Eric Schmidt

Fueled just on the speculation that the Miami Dolphins will be able to sign QB Peyton Manning as their quarterback for the 2012 season, they are quickly improving their odds of winning the Super Bowl as well, at least according to Las Vegas odds. In a story I wrote on February 8th, the Miami Dolphins had 50:1 odds of winning Super Bowl XLVII. That line has now changed, and changed dramatically.

According to, the odds right now for the Miami Dolphins to win next season’s Super Bowl have moved all the way to 15:1. The Dolphins now have lower odds of winning Super Bowl XLVII than the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals and the Detroit Lions- all playoff teams in 2011. Even the reigning Super Bowl Champion New York Giants have higher odds, 20:1, of winning next year’s Super Bowl.

This is an incredible swing given the fact that the Miami Dolphins are currently just speculated to be a landing spot for Peyton Manning, there has been no news of an impending signing. It’s even more remarkable that given the fact that Manning has not played football in over a year and questions still surround his ability to play.




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  1. avatar michael a. mcbride

    Let’ see if he still has what it takes instead of watching old films on him.


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