By Eric Schmidt

As the NFL league office drops the hammer on the New Orleans Saints organization this afternoon, the question swirling under the surface is, how did this story find it’s way to the NFL league office. Apparently, one former player and current NFL Network analyst, thinks he knows who spilled the beans at the goings on behind the scenes in New Orleans. Warren Sapp.

Sapp, an avid Twitter user, participated in a game of guess who this afternoon and one of his followers guessed former New Orleans Saints TE Jeremy Shockey. When a follower guessed his name, Sapp responded on Twitter, “Bingo”. In Sapp’s timeline, you can read Shockey’s response to Sapp, my ass!! I don’t even play defense Haha.

Shockey has gone off on Twitter with a barrage of Tweets regarding Sapp’s comments. His timeline is accessible right here. Shockey has reached out to ESPN and Rachel Nichols via Twitter, wanting to get his side of the story out.

Sapp has always been outspoken, he’s always been marching to a different drum when dealing with the media. Now, he is a member of the media. This Bounty-Gate issue is something I think the NFL wants to go away as soon as possible. This issue needs to be swept under the rug as soon as possible as the league goes into damage control. The league does not need a former player on their controlled network, calling out another player by name on the air.

This has dissolved into a very messy situation. I think the league thought they might be able to filter out this news during March Madness, while the country was focused on college basketball. However, I don’t think that the league thought the Peyton Manning situation would carry on as long as it did. Even on the day that the news of Bounty Gate emerges, the league competes with the potential trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

What a crazy offseason. Then again, last year, we were in a lockout. I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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