By Eric Schmidt

The Washington Redskins have decided that they are pushing all of their chips to the middle of the table and apparently now have rolled the dice with Baylor QB, Robert Griffin III. Washington, a team which has not been noted as being wise spenders during free agency, now have surrendered their second-round pick in the 2012 Draft as well as their next two year’s first-round selection. Will RGIII be the next Cam Newton or the next Ryan Leaf? Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan just put his coaching career in Washington, and perhaps elsewhere in the NFL on the line with this move.

The NFL Draft is a crap shoot, but you would hope that one of three first-round draft picks would pan out, eventually. The Redskins have now surrendered those next two years, 2013 and 2014, to the St. Louis Rams in order to roll the dice and acquire Robert Griffin III.

Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen have gone all in in order to acquire Griffin, and now the duo are going to need to see some major production from him. The Redskins have cap money to spend and the organization must spend some of it in order to surround Griffin with the weapons that he is going to need in Washington.

A weak offensive line with the leading receiver on the Redskins being either a tight end or a very suspect wide receiver. There is cause for celebration in the Capitol City are surrounding areas today, but I remember when fans were ecstatic to have their team select Ryan Leaf. Yes, RG III is a vastly better talent and the NFL game has changed dramatically since when Leaf was drafted, but Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have their careers riding on this move.






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  1. avatar mitch

    this is stupid. why would you even mention leaf. that was an entirely different time in the NFL. when first round pick where huge crapshoots (kinda).

  2. avatar nomaan78

    Ryan Leaf was a failure because of his arragance and attitude problems. He thought he was the shit when he came into the league. He failed because of that and lack of focus and hard work. Peyton Manning on the other hand was what RGIII is now. Focused on his future, humble, with a good head on his shoulders, a hard worker and disciplined. RGIII is an awesome athlete as he played basketball, ran track, and played football. RGIII is not the kind of guy thats would screw it all up. He will succeed.

  3. avatar nomaan78

    The O-line is serviceable With Trent Williams our future LT. We have good WR in Hankerson who RGIII will make into a stud number 1. He will do for Santana Moss what Newton did for Steve Smith. Gaffney is reliable. Fred is a talented TE, and so is Cooley. They have young talented RB’s in Helu, Hightower, and Royster. All wen need offensively is a few O linemen and one more good WR. (Vincent Jackson) Our defense is good ranked 12 last year. We will be feared!!!!


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