By Eric Schmidt

The biggest question so far in this offseason continues to be which team will land QB Peyton Manning. The second biggest question of this offseason could become, what happens to QB Tim Tebow if Peyton Manning lands with the Denver Broncos. I have believed since November of this past regular season that Peyton Manning is the only quarterback that the Denver Broncos could bring in in order to replace Tim Tebow under center.

There is not another free agent quarterback on the market this offseason which could unseat Tebow and his cult-like following. Peyton Manning brings an indisputable resume. There isn’t a rookie quarterback that the Broncos could bring in or perhaps one which would want to head to Denver in order to compete with Tim Tebow.

According to a CBS Sports report, Manning is “uncomfortable” with Tebow on the roster but at the same time, doesn’t want to be regarded as being the person which ran fan favorite, Tim Tebow out of town. To complicate matters, both quarterbacks are represented by the same agency, a super agent group founded between Tom Condon and Jimmy Sexton.

The logical thought process would have one believing that the Broncos sign Manning, shift Tebow to the bench and allow him to be mentored by Peyton Manning. However, the style of play between the two quarterbacks couldn’t be more different, starting with the arm they use to throw the football. And could you just imagine the fan uproar if Manning replaces Tebow and the Broncos lose their first two games? Tebowmaniacs would be rioting in the streets of Denver.

Broncos vice-president John Elway has not been an ardent supporter of Tebow but did state publicly that he would be the Broncos starting quarterback heading into, wait for it….next year’s training camp. Hardly a glowing recommendation.

There is one possible scenario which makes sense. Sign Peyton Manning and trade Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Two years ago when Tebow was drafted, it was believed that the Jaguars were a team interested in the University of Florida star. However, the Denver Broncos under then-head coach Josh McDaniels jumped back into the first-round and selected Tebow.

Last month, the Jacksonville Jaguars new owner, Shahid Khan stated that he would have 100 percent drafted Tim Tebow. Late last month, Khan told Sports Business Journal Daily’s Daniel Kaplan that he hopes to remove the tarps at Everbank Field. The Jaguars added tarps to the upper deck of their stadium, decreasing the seating capacity from 77,000 to 67,000 seats. The seats were covered because the team has been unable to sell them since 2005.

Khan has been very engaged with the Jacksonville fanbase after purchasing the team in January. Executing a trade with Denver for Tim Tebow would go a long way towards the Jaguars being able to remove some of those tarps.

Jacksonville is one of the teams which have serious questions surrounding their quarterback position. Blaine Gabbert had a disastrous rookie campaign and questions have emerged as to whether he is a starting caliber quarterback. To Gabbert’s defense, his supporting cast of receivers in Jacksonville was horrendous in 2011.

Khan, a successful businessman, has to have watched the media craze surrounding Tim Tebow and drawing so much attention to the Denver Broncos organization. Khan has to have seen the merchandise sales as well. Jacksonville has been a franchise which has not drawn much national interest in recent years, the addition of Tim Tebow would do that immediately. The move makes perfect business sense.






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  1. avatar JJ Jones

    The Jaguars are not going to trade for Tebow. The guys running the front office are the same guys that passed on Tebow two years ago. I wouldn’t put much into Khan’s comments. He even clarified later that they would not have taken Tebow with the 10th pick.

    As for attendance, the Jaguars have not had a blackout since 2009. The tarps are a distraction and fodder for the media. But with them the stadium size is in line with plenty of other teams including the Steelers and Bears.


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