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Long-time defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has put his name front and center in the NFL world over the past few days with the news of his “bounty” defensive scheme making news on virtually every sports outlet. However, one person seems to be removed for the moment in this discussion, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.Payton reached out to Williams to join his coaching staff.

Casual fans of the NFL won’t remember the signing of Gregg Williams to become the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. Head coach signings garner significant interest, coordinators, not so much unless you are a fan of the club doing the hiring. Saints fans, or at least the beat writers covering the Saints were excited by the hiring of Gregg Williams January of 2009.

Michael J. Montalbano of the Times-Picayune, wrote a glowing review of the hire of Gregg Williams as the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator. The writer even scribed that after speaking to Williams, he was “ready to pop in a mouthpiece, buckle up a chinstrap and immediately drop into a three-point stance.” Given the state of the newspaper business, a few hundred bucks for some extra tackles might not be bad for the writer.

Mr. Montalbano continues in his column with the glowing reviews of Gregg Williams and his seeming passion to have Williams transform the New Orleans Saints defense for the coming season.

The writer also makes reference to something I have had an issue finding in print, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton took a reported $250,000 dollar salary cut in order to sign Gregg Williams as the team’s defensive coordinator. I remember when this happened, but most references to this happening have been removed from the internet. The writer also made reference that Williams was going to bring along his son, Blake Williams to join the Saints organization.

Perhaps the most damning comment by Williams is made at the end of the article written by Mr. Montalbano. According to the writer, Gregg Williams told his players at the first team meeting, ” There’s going to be some blisters and some hurt feelings, but trust me, there will not be one player who leaves that meeting that isn’t clear on what I want and what my expectations are. I can’t do anything with the DNA your momma and daddy gave you, but I can make sure you’re tough and play hard.”

Mr. Williams received an all-expense paid trip to New York this afternoon to meet with the NFL league office. His future career as a coach in the NFL seems in serious jeopardy right now. And what did Sean Payton know, and when did he know it? The league office is faced with some very serious questions.








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