By Eric Schmidt

The Buffalo Bills landed arguably the biggest free agent in this year’s class other than QB Peyton Manning, could they also land QB Tim Tebow and if so, would he be a good fit? After Peyton Manning agreed in principal with the Denver Broncos yesterday, the Broncos are now expected to entertain trade offers for QB Tim Tebow. At the right price, Tebow might be a very good fit for the Buffalo Bills.

Head coach Chan Gailey has a very good reputation for working with quarterbacks. Tim Tebow comes at a very salary cap friendly number. Tebow would add even more excitement to the Bills fanbase, a fanbase already energized after the signing of DE Mario Williams. The Buffalo Bills current backup quarterback, Tyler Thigpen is at best, unremarkable.

If I were the Bills, I would explore options to bring in Tebow and in the role of a wildcat-slash style quarterback. Buffalo has a solid rushing attack with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. Spiller came on late last season when given the opportunity to start due to Jackson’s season ending injury.

Tebow is a large-bodied football player. He possess great running skills. I could envision him playing in an H-Back role, carrying the ball at the goal line or even lining up as a tight end in a two-tightend set. Tebow out of the shotgun with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in a wildcat set, would be very interesting to watch.

The largest question surrounding Tim Tebow seems to be now, how much is his value in a trade? Most teams in need of a backup quarterback have already added one in free agency. Starting quarterback positions have all been addressed, with the exception of San Francisco 49ers as they await the possible re-signing of QB Alex Smith.

I’m not suggesting that the Buffalo Bills surrender a king’s ransom for Tebow but if he could be had for a fourth round pick, the Bills could add a versatile player which could contribute in a variety of ways on offense and add some local excitement. The added boost in merchandise sales couldn’t hurt either.




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Readers Comments (4)

  1. avatar DougDale

    With all these rumors floating around about where Tebow would land, Buffalo seems to be the talk. At first, I thought NO! But, your article makes good points. Just what about Brad Smith? Move him to WR?

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Thanks Doug. I think Tebow would be interesting, but have no idea if the Bills would want to deal with the media circus. On the flip side, it gets the Bills back in the national spotlight. I’d get Smith in the mix on offense in the wildcat as well, you could create a lot of mismatches.

  2. avatar jason brodfuehrer

    The Bills had no problem a few seasons ago with the circus known as Terrell Owens when he came to town. I think Tebow would be a very good fit for our system. Not only would he be a very effective Offensive weapon when he is in the game, I also can see him being used in a hybrid WR/TE fashion to help draw the pressure and attention off of Stevie Johnson.

    I could also see him on the Defensive side of the ball too as a DB or Safety. Most QB’s are very good with their hands and holding on to the ball so naturally you could have him in the game as somone to disrupt plays on Defense.


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