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It seems that every year after the Combine there is some rumors about certain players testing positive for drugs or PED’s, but nothing really solid ever seems to formulate with about 99% of them. This isn’t the case with Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams, who was confirmed to have tested positive for marijuana while performing at the Combine.

There were already red flags about Adams in regards to his work ethic and his attitude. When you add drug concerns to that fold, you usually meet the “trifecta” of attributes that make you fall out of the first round of the NFL Draft at the minimum.

However, there are reports now that Adams was “up front” with teams in interviews at the Combine about the situation. This has led many to believe that certain teams will understand that he just made a mistake and it won’t be a problem at the next level. While there are numerous teams that won’t touch a guy who isn’t considered “squeaky clean,” there are more who will go with upside over being a boy scout.

The question I have is if he really did just make a mistake. There are character concerns prior to this event, such as being suspended the first two games of Ohio State’s season in 2009 for possession of marijuana paraphernalia and he was suspended five games in 2011 for receiving illegal benefits. If this was Janoris Jenkins, the media would be having a field day.

Everyone always cites the Bengals and Cowboys as teams willing to take a chance on high potential guys that made some mistakes prior to the draft. But would any other team be willing to spend their first round pick, and first round money on a guy with this many questions?

He is still one of the top-rated offensive linemen in this draft and those are hard to come by late. So basic logic tells you that someone will take the risk and call his name in their first 32 selections.

Adams is said to have taken, and completed, guidance counseling to show his commitment to getting back on the right track and that is viewed as a plus in his favor. It’s shocking what the concept of losing millions of dollars in draft positioning will do for your motivation, isn’t it?

Would a team like the Steelers, who have a ringmaster disciplinarian as a head coach, give Adams a shot late in the first? They need to do something to keep their franchise quarterback from getting murdered as he was most of the 2011 season and Adams looks to be a pretty good fit. The Texans are in need of a successor for the departed Eric Winston, but team owner Bob McNair won’t touch anyone with a red flag.

The Ravens makes a lot of sense for a couple of reasons. The high character thing has never been a prerequisite for them and they have had some losses and many on their line aren’t getting any younger. In my opinion, he’s a great fit there and I don’t see him slipping past Baltimore at the latest.




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