By Eric Schmidt

The New York Jets put themselves front and center in the media spotlight after acquiring QB Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Now it appears that the Jets would like the media to turn the spotlight off or shine it someplace else. Seriously, what did the New York Jets think was going to happen when they added the most polarizing player in professional sports with a cult-like fan base coming along in tow?

According to the New York Daily News, the Jets have said that they are going to try to limit Tim Tebow’s exposure to the media. Huh? After appearing on ESPN 1050 with Michael Kay last Friday, sources told the Daily News that they did not envision Tebow doing a weekly radio spot this upcoming season. Well, what other backup quarterback usually gets a radio gig? And, it just so happens that Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is under contract with the radio station to do a weekly program.

The team can have some influence over what Tebow does in regards to representing the team, but that is going to have little effect on the media attention that Tebow will receive away from the facility in the country’s largest media market.

The Daily News suggests that the Jets would be a perfect fit for this year’s filming of Hard Knocks, the HBO reality series which focuses on one team during the training camp process, giving fans a behind the scenes look. Now if that happens, the cable network might consider re-naming the program, Rex and Tim go to camp.

The Jets knew what they were getting themselves into by trading for Tebow. Like it or not, the media is going to be focused on him, they are fascinated by him, it draws ratings numbers. New York is going to have a difficult time of putting the genie back in the bottle.




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