By Eric Schmidt

NFL, the Magazine, was such a great idea. I have my inaugural issue with Tim Tebow on the cover, but it appears that is going to be all I get. High definition, glossy front cover, interesting columns, it sucked my right in. I sent out the subscription form. When my subscription billing notice arrived in the mail, I decided that I would take full advantage of the two year subscription rate, and sent out a check. My mailbox has been empty ever since.

It appears that the NFL can’t do everything perfect, and print publishing is one of those things. For a league that can generate ratings for releasing a schedule or televising the sixth round of their draft, the NFL blew a big one when it came to launching a magazine, again.

If you subscribed to the NFL Magazine and are wondering where your mail is, you need to check this link out, because you’ll be getting a 2012 Draft issue and that’s it, plain and simple. Four issues printed and the magazine is out of business.

According to, the NFL ended their relationship with Dauphin Media Group. There were questions surrounding this group from the start of this relationship. But seriously, how do you make a launch of a major publication, representing one of the most popular sports leagues in the world and then end publication after just four months? That’s like taking Brooklyn Decker to a pool party and then leaving her behind because she isn’t hot enough.

Something has seriously gone wrong in the NFL kingdom in regards to this latest venture. You don’t hear much about this anywhere. Then again, by the time print publications arrive in the mailbox, the news is days if not weeks old. Everyone has some sort of devious smartphone device and retrieves information immediately.

Maybe I’m just old school, I like to have a newspaper or magazine to hold in my hand from time to time, regardless of having time sensitive information in them or not. I’ve watched as newspaper sizes shrink and Sports Illustrated becomes a shell of what it once was, but I held out hope that the NFL could make this magazine idea work. So much for that thought.

I paid in advance for two years for the NFL magazine, I have received one issue. I will be clicking the link above and asking where my refund is at. This is the second time the league has launched a magazine, both attempts have failed. The NFL will never get me to commit to a subscription of any publication in the future. Perhaps they should simply create more smartphone apps and fans can read articles that way. Another industry down the tubes due to technology as history slips away.





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