By Eric Schmidt

QB Donovan McNabb has spent much of his NFL career mired in controversy, based on his recent comments, that controversy isn’t going to go away any time soon. On a recent appearance on the FoxSports television show, Barfly, McNabb threw out the suggestion that he deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

McNabb has been a very prolific quarterback in his career, which now appears to be over. He has also been the crux of controversy. McNabb was booed as soon as he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite leading the Eagles to multiple NFC Championship games, Eagles fans couldn’t wait to see McNabb run out of town. McNabb was also at the center of controversy with comments made by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh as well as a dispute with WR Terrell Owens.

It appears very clear that McNabb’s career in the NFL is over. He was released by the Minnesota Vikings last year when two teams, the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans were in need of a quarterback. McNabb was passed over. McNabb has drawn no interest in this season’s round of free agency and likely won’t land on a team until late in the preseason unless a team suffers injuries at the quarterback positions. That hasn’t stopped McNabb from boasting his resume and suggesting that he deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When Barfly host Mark Kriegel asked McNabb if he would vote for himself for induction into the Hall of Fame, McNabb responded-

McNabb: “Absolutely. One thing people don’t realize, I never played the game to make it to the Hall of Fame. I played the game because I love it. I played the game to win because I’m a competitor. When I step out on the field, I feel like I’m the best player on the field. Even these last two years, and people may look at it and say, ‘Oh, he’s done.’ I’m 34, 35 years old but I still played at the pinnacle, at the highest level of my career. I played there. I would vote myself for the Hall of Fame and I played with probably two or three Hall of Famers. When you sit and look at the numbers and that’s what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame. My numbers are better than Jim Kelly, than Troy Aikman and a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they have is a Super Bowl.”

McNabb is throwing out numbers and I believe that admission into the Hall of Fame should be based on whether or not you were a game changer at your position during the time you played. McNabb was a top-five quarterback for several seasons in the league and has put up some significant numbers, but I don’t know if they are HOF worthy. Then again, you can look at the last two seasons of his career- the failed Washington Redskins 2010 season and then the eventual release from the Minnesota Vikings last year.

I thought McNabb was more than an effective quarterback in his career. In his prime, he could throw the ball downfield with nothing more than a flick of his wrist. A quarterback which was very mobile, following in the footsteps of Randall Cunningham in Philadelphia. However, a ticket to the Hall of Fame? I think that prospect is very suspect. In the next decade, there is going to be a wave of significant players which will become first-ballot eligible. As the pass-happy NFL continues to post huge numbers through the air each season, Donovan could find his chances of reaching the HOF grow slimmer each year after his retirement.






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  1. avatar joe

    Sorry McNabb but from my seat of watching 50 yrs of pro football,missed one monday night game since the first one showed ,you are not worthy of Hall of Fame status but I enjoyed your passion and career but you are just in the group good players.HOF is for the greats only.

  2. avatar AintSkeered

    Ranked 23rd in the career QB ratings. Seems worthy of HOF consideration to me.

  3. avatar jhss

    good but not Hall of fame

  4. avatar td

    No way. He lost most of the big games he was in. He choked in the Super Bowl and was out of shape.

  5. avatar cutcreator

    He put it all on the line when he was playing, love his effort & passion for the game. Let the voters vote & let the chips fall where the may. I hope he gets in, maybe just maybe he’ll get the votes someday.

  6. avatar robert h

    I believe mcnabb and cunningham’s careers to be almost identical. they both were very good qb’s on talent loaded teams that just couldn’t pull the trigger in the big games. Hallof famers do and with less talent surrounding them.

  7. avatar BuckeyesRus

    This guy is not a Hall of Famer! I watched his whole career in Philly, and he just wasn’t that good. When he had TO, he should have won the SB but choked . . . literally! He was always a legend in his own mind! The Eagles’ D was what got them to the NFC championship games and the lone SB! It was the D!!!

  8. avatar DILLIGAF

    Had a good career, just never could get the job done. Jim Kelly got to the SB 4 times, never won one, he didn’t choke in the big one just got beat by better teams. Donavan maybe you could make it as an announcer!

  9. avatar Flyers113

    Are you joking McNabb??? Your D and Westbrook is what made your team decent. After your D aged and Westbrook injured/left what happened to you? You pruned up like a raisen and was shipped off to several teams. You are no Dan Marino so stop comparing yourself to him.

  10. avatar Anthony Montgomery

    Really? HOF? Did I miss something? McNabb is a legend in his own mind. Of course he’ll say rings don’t matter because he doesn’t have any. His comparison’s are Jim Kelly (who went to 4 straight SB’s) and Aikman who won 3. McNabb’s claim to fame is puking. Everyone dogged Shanahan for how he treated McNabb, but his stint in Minnesota proved Shanahan right. McNabb, YOU LOST YOUR JOB TO REX GROSSMAN. That alone should keep you out!

  11. avatar jhss

    they dont call it hall of good or very good


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