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QB Vince Young is still looking to land on a NFL team for the 2012 season as free agency dies down and the league prepared for the NFL Draft in two weeks. As teams scrambled to add quarterbacks at the start of the free agency period, Vince Young has received very little interest around the league. Young signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles last season and quickly made news by anointing the 2011 Eagles, the “Dream Team”. Both Young and the Eagles failed to live up to expectations last season.

Speaking to KILN radio in Houston, Young outlined his vision of the future and mentioned that joining the Houston Texans next season would be a ‘dream job”. Young told the radio station that he wants to start and envisions himself joining a team with a young quarterback where he can compete for a starting job.

When asked about joining the Texans, Young replied, “That would be a dream come true and anything I can do to help out with the team.”

While Young might want to play for the Texans next season, after having played his college ball at the University of Texas, he really isn’t a very good fit for the Texans. Houston will likely add another quarterback to their roster before the start of the regular season. The Texans currently have veteran QB Matt Schaub and second-year QB T.J. Yates under contract. Yates led the Texans to the second-round of the AFC playoffs last season. If Young wants to land on a team where he could compete for a starting job next season, the Texans are not the team.

There is a possibility that the Texans could re-sign Matt Leinart to a league minimum salary if he fails to land on another team’s roster. Leinart was released by Houston earlier this offseason.




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  1. avatar joe

    Please Vince – Change your name and go back to UT.


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