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Ryan Tannehill has increased his draft stock more than any other player heading into Round 1 of the 2012 NFL Draft on Thursday, and he just received a glowing endorsement from a Hall of Fame legend on a team who may be the most enamored with the Texas A&M quarterback.

Dan Marino, who held almost every major passing record when he retired from the NFL, has said that he would certainly understand why the Dolphins are entertaining the possibility of drafting Tannehill with the No. 8 pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

“If they feel good about Tannehill and he’s there at eight, it’s worth taking a little bit of a stretch to take a quarterback,” Marino said. “If it’s a guy that you think can be your future quarterback for a long time, then you got to take him. If not, you have to preach to the fans that you have to be patient.”

It is worth noting that while many have tried to be patient, the Dolphins have started an NFL high 16 quarterbacks since Marino retired in 1999. It s becoming more difficult by the season to remain patient while the franchise continues it’s search for a replacement to one of the greatest of all time. After missing with players such as Joey Harrington, Jay Fiedler, Pat White and countless others, as well as failing to sign top free agent signal callers this past offseason that included Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, patience around South Beach is growing thin.

Marino insists that the fan base for the Dolphins is still strong, although you would beg to differ after watching the attendance dip drastically over the past few seasons. With a new head coach and offensive coordinator, Miami knows that it needs to start winning soon. And while owner Stephen Ross has said that he will do everything it takes to make Miami a Super Bowl contender, actions speak louder than words, and Dolphins fans feel as if he has yet to improve this team at all, and many believe the Dolphins are worse off now than they were before he purchased them.

If things are to change, then the time is now.

It may all begin with Tannehill on Thursday.





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  1. avatar ohiodolpfan

    ok Rob Kelley…you are high. Dan never said “i would take” or “miami should draft” all he said is if “miami felt” that Tannehill was “worth” #8 then take him.

  2. avatar Sanford Hall

    Why did Marino had to endorse him if he’s Miami guy? That could trigger a team to trade up and grab him. That was a bonehead move on his part.

  3. avatar ohiodolfan2

    I agree Marino never endorsed tannehill he just said that if the dolphins like him then taking him at 8 is not to high.


    Tannerhill is another bust awaiting to happen. We should have taken Weeden in the second round and used the 1st for a protection position so the QB can throw the ball. Another Bone-head GM pick!


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