By Eric Schmidt

The omnipotent NFL, desiring control over everything NFL, sent out their latest decree this afternoon. The league has informed teams that they must withhold announcing their draft selections on various media platforms until after it has been officially announced at the podium by Lord Goodell.

I suppose fans have to see Mr. Goodell, who was booed during last year’s draft, for a period of four or so hours on Thursday night. Do football fans need that much facetime with the Commissioner of the NFL in this era of seemingly immediate media? Fans in the audience will Tweet or post messages to Facebook long before the Commish announces the selection.

Seriously? What difference does this make in regards to whether or not Roger Goodell announces the pick or not? Hardcore NFL fans which are watching the NFL Draft, realize that Roger Goodell is the Commissioner of the NFL, yada, yada, yada.

When I was a teenager, the only way we got NFL draft information was to read the newspaper the next morning following the draft. Goodell has pushed and created the NFL Draft to become a prime time event so what did he think was going to happen in this day and age with social media? Vanna White no longer actually flips the letters over on the Wheel of Fortune. She is irrelevant and so is Mr. Goodell on draft day. Mr. Goodell just wants his face time.




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