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What an awful bunch of thugs. This is a game, not life. The heinous triumvirate of Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, and Mickey Loomis are possibly the three lowest figures in recent NFL memory.

They make incarcerated WR Rae Carruth look decent. They make WR Matt Jones look sober. Hell, they may have even outdone O.J. Simpson.

Ok, nobody died here, but what America is witnessing is quite possible the lowest filth of an organization who now face criminal, legal, and NFL penalties. After a rash of violent allegations with the New Orleans Saints, the Spygate 2.0 scandal comes right at the heels of the Bounty Scandal, which also came at a time when over fifty former players were suing for damages related to concussions. So if playing the proverbial Mob Boss wasn’t enough, calling out “hits” to certain body parts of NFL stars that could cause permanent residual damage did it for them.

The (at this point) laughable Mafioso mentality that possess Loomis and his goons is now hitting an unforeseen apex. Not only have the laws of assault and battery been violated via a well-documented and organized bounty program, now Loomis is being investigated for  a Federal Offense. Federal law states that an unknown listening device, wire tap, or camera surveillance may not be utilized without the consent of governmental authorities. Unless President Bush at the time was a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan, this one will not go over well. The charges state that between 2002 and 2004, GM Loomis had a listening device placed near the overhang of his office where he could listen in on the opposing coaches.

The device was disabled during the usage of the Superdome as a shelter for the homeless and poor during Hurricane Katrina.

Commissioner Roger Goodell now must stop thinking and lower the hammer even further. At this point this disgrace of a franchise, whose fan base only grew national because of their subsequent victories after the storm, (victories wrought in bounty fueled dirt and criminal surveillance) should have no one on their side. Loomis should be imprisoned, the organization capped in roster and salary, fined to the point of fiscal exsanguination, and lose draft picks.

We all know “who dat” is now, a group of thugs and scum, so vitriolic in their pursuit of victory that hundreds of lives have been jeopardized while federal statutes were violated.

It’s just a game.




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