By Eric Schmidt

The Washington Redskins already knew that they were going to move forward with a new “franchise” quarterback after they sacrificed their draft for the next three years in order to draft Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. Journeyman QB John Beck might have thought his tenure with the Washington Redskins might be safe this season. However, the Redskins shocked many NFL Draft pundits this afternoon when they selected Michigan State University QB Kirk Cousins.

Washington tapped the MSU product with the 102nd overall selection in the NFL Draft. The Redskins have a lot of holes to fill and the move to select Cousins came as one of the biggest shocks of the NFL Draft.

The decision to terminate the contract and the release of QB John Beck does not however come as any surprise. Beck started three games in 2011 for the Washington Redskins and was horrible. Every Redskins fan knew that Griffin was going to be the selection at number two overall in the first round. The selection of Kirk Cousins is surprising however, and his addition could even spell the end of veteran journeyman Rex Grossman‘s tenure with the Redskins as well.

Does the Shanahan clan really want to roll into the 2012 season with two rookie quarterbacks on the roster? They must feel very secure about their job future because contracts in the NFL mean very little, especially when you aren’t winning.




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