By Eric Schmidt

Former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green would consider returning to the NFL this fall. Green, 35, told reporters yesterday that he believes he has five years left in his tank. Green has been out of the NFL for several seasons and then played in the UFL in 2010 and last season in the Canadian Football League. Green has gone as far as to say he’d be open to play special teams just in order to return to the NFL.

The market for running backs over the age of 30 is very limited in the NFL. Last season, Tiki Barber attempted a return to the league and drew little interest around the NFL. Currently, there are two running backs which played in the league last year which are still available in free agency, Cedric Benson and Ryan Grant. Grant eventually replaced Green while they were teammates in Green Bay. In addition to Grant and Benson, if a team needed a running back, LaDainian Tomlinson might be talked out of possible retirement plans. Despite Tomlinson showing signs of aging, he played last season and hasn’t been out of the league for several seasons.

Green told reporters that he isn’t actively seeking a job, but if a team called, he said he’d listen to offers. Somehow, I don’t think the phone is going to ring anytime soon.




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  1. avatar Big T

    DESPERATE…. he should go play ping pong and ride off into the sunset


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