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According to three of the biggest stars in Dallas Cowboys history, the current Cowboys team is on the brink of a championship. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Dallas Cowboy’s 1992 Super Bowl title, QB Troy Aikman, WR Michael Irvin and RB Emmitt Smith visited with Rich Eisen on his podcast. All three players have been inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The trio, known as the Triplets, had a remarkable run of success, playing together for 10 years. However, since those glory days in the 1990′s, success has been fleeting for Dallas, recording just one playoff win since they departed.

Troy Aikman says he believes that Tony Romo is an elite quarterback and success is right around the corner. The Fox game analyst said, “The Cowboys are as talented as just about any team in the league. I know that to win you have to have a great quarterback, and I believe Tony Romo is that. I know that he has to win in January before people really put him in elite status But he had a great year last year.”

WR Michael Irvin, a fellow NFL Network commentator said he thinks the Cowboys have put the pieces in place. “The Cowboys addressed what they need ed to address in this draft, and that is get somebody who can make plays to put points on the board on defense. If you look at the Cowboys over the last few years, offensively they’ve been doing enough to get into the playoffs and win playoff games.”

RB Emmitt Smith told Eisen that he really likes the current makeup of the Cowboys team but he would like to see more production on a steady basis from RB Felix Jones. “We need Felix to step up-that’s a true statement.” Jones possess tremndous speed but has struggled to stay on the field during his career.

Three former players might feel that Dallas is on the brink of a championship, but current TE Jason Witten realizes the window of opportunity is closing on the current Cowboys team to bring home a championship.





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