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Recently traded Seattle Seahawk Kellen Winslow Jr. appears to be the dirty neighbor next door. Winslow is being sued by property owners of a luxury home he choose to rent last year in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

Landlords are suing Winslow for $133,000 in property damage. The property owners claim the Persian rugs that lay on the $9,000 a month rent apartment floor, were covered in dog feces and urine stains. To add to the smell of things, there are also reports of punched holes in the walls, cigarette and cigar burns on the outdoor patio furniture. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune “Every corner of the home was damaged,” when referencing the lawsuit.

Bob Gerard, the attorney for the home owners said “Winslow had explanations for the holes in the wall and the heavily stained carpets when questioned.”  Kellen stated “the holes in the wall were drilled to hang flat-screen TV’s.” He also specified “the dog had an accident on the rug, but that it was cleaned along with the rest of the carpeting.” Attorney Gerard claims to have pictures to document the damage.

Winslow also stuck the property owners with a $3,000 unpaid utility bill. Apparently there is no room in Winslow’s $36 million dollar budget to pay the bill. Brian Watkins, Winslow’s attorney, stated there “was a mix-up with the payment of utilities by Winslow’s real estate agent, who was supposed to pay for them on Winslow’s behalf”

Watkins also responded to the allegations by calling the lawsuit “bogus” and it is “a shakedown of a professional athlete.” Watkins also relayed, “Winslow’s pregnant wife lived there with her mother and a housekeeper, Winslow was hardly ever there.” Great defense, Winslow being there partially makes the holes, horrific smells and stains disappear. An educated guess would tell you that Winslow probably isn’t getting his security deposit back.




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