By Eric Schmidt

We may be 118 days from the official start of the 2012 NFL regular season, but that hasn’t stopped Las Vegas from getting an early jump on the wagering process. The website has released their early lines on regular season games through Week 16, for every game, all 240 of them. The site has not released the lines for the last week of the regular season, perhaps because so many teams will rest players in the final week of the season before heading into the playoffs.

According to the site, you can place wagers of up to $2,000 dollars on as many games as you’d like for the upcoming season. Frankly, if you are dropping two grand on Week 14 games nearly 120 days before the start of the regular season, you either have far too much disposable income or you have a very serious problem.

However, for hardcore NFL fans the next few months will be filled with nothing more than arrest reports and more bounty stories. So, if you have an hour or so to kill, you can check out what Vegas thinks about the upcoming season.

One line did jump out at me. Week 10, Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots with the Patriots giving 11.5 points. Yes, Buffalo has not won in New England since 2000, defeating the Patriots 16-13 in OT. Yes, the Bills were plastered by New England in Week 17 of 2011 by a score of 49-21. However, the Bills made some strong moves this offseason and I think they are going to be a very improved team in 2012. Just my opinion 118 days out.




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