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The Miami Dolphins are headed into OTAs with no stand out wide receivers after trading Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears. Regardless of which quarterback starts the 2012 NFL season between Matt Moore, David Garrard or Ryan Tannehill, they have no clear cut No. 1 options at their disposal. That is why Miami should change their tune on free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress and at least invite him into camp for a work out.

Davone Bess is a decent possession receiver. Brian Hartline has been making strides at the position as well. But after that, all the team has to fight for balls is a list including Legedu Naanee, Clyde Gates and a few rookies they drafted last month.

No offense, but none of them exactly scream Pro-Bowl. And while I mean no offense toward the Dolphins, I expect their offense to be quite offensive in 2012. That is why bringing in Burress to at least see what type of skills and attitude he can offer is certainly worth a look.

But once again, the Dolphins prove they have no interest in improving their roster. I swear, if this were another franchise or a movie, I would think that owner Stephen Ross was intentionally trying to make this team as bad as he can to lower attendance as much as possible so that he could entertain moving the team. While that will never happen with the Dolphins, I’m still getting a Major League sort of vibe.

And it is getting old.

Burress reportedly would love to work out for the Dolphins. Still having difficulty finding a new home after proving last season that he is still a viable option, especially in the red zone, Burress would most likely come fairly cheap at this point.

Ah, there’s the rub. Burress is a great red zone target. Apparently, Miami knows it will spend little time down there this season.

Either way, although I feel Moore will start this season as Tannehill will sit on the sidelines and further learn the position and the game, either quarterback will need someone to throw the ball to and at least have a fighting chance to succeed.

Then again, this is the new age Dolphins. Forget about improving the team on the field. They just like adding celebrity owners at a feverish pace.





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Readers Comments (4)

  1. avatar PhinFan66

    COME ON ROSS pull your head out of your ASS, and at least give Burress a work out.

  2. avatar Jack

    I completely disagree with your article. Plaxico Burress is a distraction, and we just got rid of one distraction. He is also a Prima Donna and on the backside of his career. Miami’s strategy is to build YOUNG players through the draft not pick up old problems.

    While I can see your point of view that they need a go to receiver, Plaxico Burress is nowhere near as good as he used to be. Definately not a pro bowl receiver at this stage. So all he would do is cause distractions. If we wanted this we could have kept Marshall who is better than Plaxico at this stage!

  3. avatar GADOLFAN

    Forget Burress,he’s 35 and has a poor attitude. This offence doesn’t necessarily need an “Alpha” receiver, look at the Pack, the saints, the Pats etc…. Just need a QB who can read defences and match-ups quickly and deliver accurately, our best miss-matches may come from the backfield and TE positions.

  4. avatar Kevin

    Rob – please stick to baseball which you seem to know a little bit about. If your blog was in print, I would line the bird cage with it. Burress is not what the Phins need.


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