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Former NFL star running back Ricky Williams says that he does not believe that there is a link between playing football and suffering from concussions. Williams played for 12 seasons in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens after winning the Heisman Trophy at the University of Texas. He announced his retirement from football this past February.

Yet while Williams was a standout on the gridiron since his college days setting records with the Longhorns, Williams is not exactly an authority on too many things that don’t have anything to do with carrying a football or lighting up a joint.

Seriously. It surprises me that this is even news, but since it was reported, I figured why not write about more insanity from Williams.

I will admit that after watching the ESPN 30 for 30 special on Williams, I did forgive him a bit for how he quit on the Dolphins on numerous occasions. Whether he left them high and dry with the news of his sudden retirement, or screwed them over with multiple failed drug tests, the documentary featuring Williams portrayed a mentally troubled man, who struggled to find peace in his life. Even with that being said, I will not say that Williams should be looked at as a role model or authority on anything medically related.

Except for perhaps medicinal marijuana.

When asked about the connection between concussions and playing football, Williams told ESPN that he “Doesn’t buy it.”

“I’m only speaking from my personal experience, and because I’ve never allowed myself to buy it, I haven’t been the effect of it,” Williams said, as he always worked very rigorously to heal his body.

So that is all it takes? Sit around all offseason and get high? That will take care of all those hits to the head?

“Yes, I’m aware that football is a rough sport, but instead of saying, ‘Oh, I’m doomed to brain trauma,’ I said, ‘Well, what can I do about this?’ And I just started taking care of my body,” Williams said.

Pot and rest. The Ricky Williams anti-concussion prevention treatment. I can just see the infomercials now.

“Ten years from now, I might be walking down the street scratching my head and yelling profanities, but right now I feel fine,” Williams went on to say.

Sure, that may very well happen. But in Williams’ case, it may have nothing to do from head trauma. It could be all the pot or a brain dysfunction, but not from concussions.

Only time will tell.





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