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Roddy White is one of the most gifted players in the NFL, serving as a top target for Matt Ryan with the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately, he is also one of the more outspoken players in the game as well.

While I have no issue with a player speaking their mind, especially when it comes to the game today, White often has a problem with either stepping over the line or contradicting himself.

In this instance, he may have done both.

White decided to throw in his two cents worth in regards to the growing concern over concussions in the NFL, especially when it comes to retired players. Here is what he had to say on his Twitter account, @roddywhitetv:

“It’s crazy how football players are killing our game you signed up to play a violent game and made a lot of money now u talk bad about #how.”

White is referring to the New Orleans Saints Bounty program as well as the former players who are suing the NFL for misleading them about the dangers of concussions. Apparently, White has no issue with players receiving bonuses for hitting opponents’ too hard, or with players who continue to play the game shortly after suffering a concussion.

Or does he?

White goes on to tweet that “Yes older players didn’t make what we made but I remember when gas was 89 cents so the cost of living was different. I don’t have nothing against old players they made football what it is today and I love those guys and I don’t have a problem with them suing the nfl I don’t have to worry about it the nfl has enough money to pay them.”

So, which is it, Roddy? You have a problem with players who sue over concussions or you are completely fine with what former players are doing today? You see, having an opinion about a topic is completely fine.

Just try to stick with one opinion per topic. You can’t feel both ways about similar issues. You immediately discredit yourself.

Than again, after listening to White for years now, would you really expect anything else? Stick to catching passes, fella.





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