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The Baltimore Ravens may have lost linebacker Terrell Suggs, last season’s Defensive Player of the Year, to a ruptured Achilles tendon for the entire 2012 NFL season. While Suggs says that he will be back at some point this upcoming season, the typical NFL player takes nearly 11 months to fully recuperate and get back on the field. That would mean Suggs would miss all of 2012, including the playoffs.

While every athlete heals differently, I would not count out Suggs coming back at some point quite yet. The injury – although we do not completely know how it took place – just happened over this past weekend, so there is plenty of time to speculate. Suggs is a freakishly strong athlete who may be able to come back healthy far earlier than most players.

With that being said, he will at least be out for a strong portion of this upcoming season. You cannot simply replace a player of Suggs’ caliber by going out and acquiring another player. It can’t be done. Suggs is too valuable.

But what you can do is go out and bring in a few players who can hopefully make up for some of the loss. Even though the 2012 NFL Draft has come and gone, the Ravens should be extremely fortunate that they drafted Courtney Upshaw from Alabama in the second round, considering most felt as is he had first round talent. Upshaw will get more time now than he may have otherwise, and the Ravens are also hopeful they will get Sergio Kindle – who was the team’s first draft pick the previous year – back from a fractured skull injury suffered last year.

But that may not be nearly enough to make up for the loss of what Suggs means to the team. But what if Ozzie Newsome were to pick up the phone and make just one call?

At this point, Newsome should put in a call to the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants to see just how badly they would like to move Osi Umenyiora at this point. I would not advise the Ravens to panic and make the first move possible, but Umenyiora has felt disrespected for a few seasons now, and while the Giants have players capable of replacing his production, this may be the time to trade him.

Suggs was a linebacker and Umenyiora is a defensive end, but both put pressure on the quarterback. Depending on if Baltimore could switch a few people around, as well as take on the salary of Umenyiora, if even just for one season, this could be a move worth looking into for both teams.





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  1. avatar John Freeman

    No. Just no. Not only does Umenyiora play a totally different position, and not do anywhere near all the things Suggs does, he’s far too expensive. We’d effectively have to trade Suggs for Umenyiora straight up, and that’s a HORRIBLE trade for the Ravens. Please, please, who ever wrote this, just STOP. Take the 3 seconds required to figure out that Ozzie would never in a million years do anything like this, then DON’T write asinine speculative articles like this.


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