By Eric Schmidt

The Tampa Bay area media is not known as being as hard core as some of the hardcore major media markets around the country, but this afternoon, local Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writers were put off by the reluctance of rookie head coach Greg Schiano to answer questions surrounding the trade of TE Kellen Winslow.

In this afternoon’s meeting with the media, Greg Schiano was asked several questions surrounding the trade of veteran TE Kellen Winslow, the Buccaneers leading receiver last season, but he refused to answer any questions, saying the team is looking forward, not backwards.Rick Stroud, the co-host of a new local radio talk show on WDAE 620 in the Bay area tweeted, that Schiano was channeling his inner Mark McQuire when asking questions about Winslow. Beat writer Stephen Holder tweeted that Schiano declined to speak about Winslow as well.

The local media is put off because the rookie head coach declined to comment over the trade of a veteran player which was critical of the hiring of Schiano as the head coach?

I can understand that Schiano wants to move ahead. He is getting his first shot as head coach in the NFL and he joins a franchise which was a complete disaster last season and he is doing his best to put his fingerprint on the Buccaneers team heading into 2012. What purpose does it serve to re-hash the trade of Winslow? Schiano’s comments, or lack of, is generating some national attention this afternoon, but I believe that is because of the lack of actual NFL news at this time of the season.

I was skeptical of the hiring of Schiano by the Buccaneers, but he seems to be setting the guidelines as to what sort of team he wants the Buccaneers to be moving forward. I have no problem with the head coach not wanting to mull over yesterday’s news. Sorry the media feels slighted. Nothing to see here, move along.




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