By Eric Schmidt

The Cleveland Browns acquired Alabama RB Trent Richardson in last month’s NFL Draft. Analysts opined prior to the draft that Richardson was the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson, a true three down back with the power and stamina to be a featured back in the NFL. Will the Cleveland Browns utilize Richardson as a true featured back? It’s possible that the Browns plans are that he will come off the field for third downs.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, the Browns could be looking at using Brandon Jackson as the team’s third down back because of his blitz pickups. Cleveland had planned that role for Jackson last season, but he was hampered by a bout of turf toe. You must also realize the tendencies of head coach Pat Shurmur, who has a history of removing featured backs on third downs.

I had written a piece a few weeks ago regarding Trent Richardson and his fantasy value for the 2012 season. I warned of the quarterback situation hindering Richardson’s rookie season. Now, if Richardson will indeed be coming off the field on third downs, that too will limit Richardson’s production in his rookie season. If Ms. Cabot is correct in her assumption regarding Jackson, single season fantasy owners should be careful not to over pay for Richardson in 2012. This development regarding Richardson in his rookie season should not adversely affect his value in dynasty leagues moving forward.




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  1. avatar Chris

    Alright im tired of ppl bashing Trent saying shit about the man like in this article i hope he shatters rushing records and kills ppl on the field and i mean hit them so they dont get back up i dont understand why people keep sayin shit about him have you seen this man when he was at Alabama the dude was a beast they dont call him the train or freak cause he is a green bean the guy will run you over and smile while he does it he will shake your ass and make you look like a clown and smile while he does it the dude is a Train ok and besides have faith in Cleveland i hear some Cleveland fans down talking him to which is b.s TRENT WILL BE A BEAST IN THE NFL MARK MY WORDS!!!!

    • avatar mikebo

      Wait for the guy to fail.Yeah right.

      • avatar ovdawg

        At least wait for the guy to play a down or two.

    • avatar Howard44024


      I too hope Trent smashes every Brown’s record that exists as Jim Brown seems to think he is ordinary. One thing I’m sure of though is that while Trent will play all out on the field he will respect the game.I don’t believe he would be anything but a Pro. in his behavior.After reading his story in the Plain Dealer Trent strikes me as being a wonderful human being as well as a talented athlete.
      How fitting if since the Steelers had the “Bus” Jerome Bettis the Brown’s would get the “Train” T-Rich.
      I liked RGIII and Luck but T- Rich is who I wanted.

  2. avatar kevin kvasnok

    rb peyton hillis was the bull dozer, rb jerome bettis was the bus. rb trent richardson is a defence’s worst night mare and a four down back,as fast as a speeding locamotive train and as power full as a military tank,he can run,block,catch,pass,kick,score and jaw it down the teeth of your defence an offense’s unstoppable freak of a weapon who can’t be stopped. rb trent richardson won’t come off the feild untill the game is over but with him on the field for a four down back the game could be over in the first quarter, for only then he can rotate if he wants. the new cleveland browns,the new great back of the nfl,and the newest great back of the browns and of coarse the league rb trent the freaking TANK-TRAIN richardson coming to an endzone near you! better eat your chunky soup moma says but it wont help you sunday and trash talk only fuels the fire in the engine! GO GET’EM TRENT AND BROWNS AND RUN IT DOWN THERE SO CALLED GUTS AND HEART OF THE DEFENSE BECAUSE THEY WISH YOU OFF THE FIELD AND SCARED ALREADY, THE TRUE HEART AND GUTS WANTS TO PLAY AGAINST THE BEST ALL THE TIME AND THERE NERVOUS ALREADY,TO TAKE ON THE HEART AND GUTS OF YOU BUDDY SO SHOW THEM WHAT THEY CANT STOP YOU AND RUN IT RIGHT THROUGH THERE- STOMPING RIGHT OVER THROUGH THEM FOR SIX ALL DAY AND EVERY PLAY!

    • avatar Howard44024

      As fast as a speeding locamotive train and as power full as a military tank, able to leap tall linebackers in a single bound (without a red cape even:) ).
      OK I changed my mind instead of “Train” he can just be “Superman”

  3. avatar kevin kvasnok

    rb trent richardson is the brown and orange thirty three ton devil dawg trench digger wrecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. super man’s been done before,so has bull dozer,bus ,even train and tank……… trench digger or ton wrecker…doesnt matter they are scared and can’t stop the unstoppable!!!

  4. avatar jerome

    Trent could have been a great NFL player. too bad he got drafted by the browns, where nobody survives!


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