By Eric Schmidt

The Cleveland Browns made a move in 2010 which energized their fanbase with the hiring of president Mike Holmgren. Entering his third year as the team’s president, one has to ask the question in regards to his security with the club if the Browns post yet another tepid season. Holmgren was hired prior to the start of the 2010 season with high expectations based on his resume, but the Browns have floundered under the first two seasons of his guidance.

Holmgren has guided the Browns to a 9-23 overall record in the last two seasons with little showing of growth. Now, after the 2012 NFL Draft, it appears that the Browns are going to take yet another direction offensively. After posting a 6-15 overall record as a starter on an offensively depleted team, QB Colt McCoy appears to be out of a job and the Browns are going to start 2012 with a 29-year old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, according to most all accounts. McCoy was never given an honest opportunity to succeed in the Browns offense with the limited tools he was surrounded with. Now, once again, the Cleveland Browns will start the 2012 season with yet another new starting quarterback.

Head coaches in the NFL are generally given a three-year grace period in order to turn a program around. Yes, Browns head coach Pat Shurmur is entering his second season, but president Mike Holmgren is entering his third. The team appears ready to enter into the 2012 season with a rookie running back and a rookie quarterback. However, at what point does the front office for the Browns need to be held accountable for the lack of production on the field?

The Browns skipped right over adding a veteran wide receiver this off season in free agency and the team waited until the fourth-round in the draft in order to add a pass catcher in what was considered to be a deep draft at that position. Heading into this year’s draft, the Browns had 13 selections prior to moving up in order to select RB Trent Richardson.

The Browns’ divisional opponents had what appears to be successful drafts. The Cincinnati Bengals added great talent to a team which advanced to the playoffs last season. The Pittsburgh Steelers addressed serious needs on their offensive line while the Baltimore Ravens moved back into the second round and added yet another potential playmaker at linebacker with Alabama’s Courtney Upshaw.

On the surface, the Browns draft cannot be looked at as something which gives the franchise a leg up on the inter-divisional opponents. This is now the second time in two seasons that the Browns will be changing quarterbacks as well as running backs.

Are the Browns a playoff caliber team after this year’s draft? Most likely not, they could be picking in the top-five of next year’s NFL Draft as well. But the question needs to be posed as to how much longer Mike Holmgren gets to preside over the future of the Cleveland Browns. There has been no significant advance in the Browns organization and short of at least a .500 season this year, some serious questions need to be asked about whether or not Mike Holmgren should remain in charge of things with the Browns.







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