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Tim Tebow is a second string NFL quarterback for the New York Jets who is best suited as a special teams player who makes occasional wildcat appearances under center. LoLo Jones is a Unites States Olympic hurdler getting ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, looking to bring home a gold medal. Aside from both being considered wildly popular in their respective sports, the two share a common core belief in life.

They are both virgins in their 20s who are saving themselves for marriage.

We have known that about Tebow for quite some time now, but it just came out that the same was true for Jones. Now, since the media thinks that these are the only two virgins left in the world, especially with ties to professional sports, will Tebow and Jones succumb to pressure and date each other, or is this just another non-story of which we are all following because we have nothing else going on in our own lives?

According to Jones, the answer is simple, and it all comes down to a common dairy product.

While I have a general idea as to what Jones’ tweet refers to, I will not speculate as to the specifics. Of course, Jones did not tweet that just because of what she has heard through the media, but what she also heard that had occurred at the Jets’ training facility.

When reporters were talking to Tebow, who is the only backup quarterback in league history to get his own press conferences and have more media coverage than Pro-Bowlers and former MVPs, the rest of the locker room kept chanting “LoLo LoLo.” Everyone knew what they were making reference to, and Tebow began to get a little red in the face. Still, he would not talk about it further.

Jones has a good sense of humor regarding this matter, although it is unclear as to whether or not she would actually consider going on an actual date with Tebow. Stay tuned, because we all know that the media will be all over any story related to Tebow until the world is sick of hearing about it. Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority in that category.

Needless to say, you will not be seeing me Tebowing at any point now or in the near future.




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