By Eric Schmidt

Former NFL WR Terrell Owens simply cannot escape the spotlight, or does he wish to. This afternoon, the financially broken player appeared on the Dr. Phil show addressing deadbeat dads. This is news somehow? Is this the last gasp of Owens to get his face plastered on television? Is this how Owens is remembered?

It appears that no team in the NFL is interested in adding him to their roster. Despite his workout towards the end of the 2011 NFL regular season trying to provide he recovered from his knee injury, reportedly suffered at yet another television show, his professional football career on the big stage appears over.

I despise reality television broadcasts as well as any talk shows. I ban them from my house. I was never going to be watching TO on Dr. Phil this afternoon, so I  let someone over at USA Today which actually watched this trash report on the outcome. Tom Weir decided he needed to live blog the entire Dr. Phil program this afternoon. Really?

Long story short, before the show went to production- Owens has multiple children with multiple women and he is not paying child support. First question I have about this situation is, why is Owens not in jail? Virtually every state in the Union has child support laws which either suspend your drivers license and/or issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Explain to me why Mr. Owens irresponsible behavior is being glorified on television.

According to USA Today, Owens has fathered four children, by four separate women. When questioned by Dr. Phil about planning for additional children, Owens replied, “No, it wasn’t a plan. I was irresponsible in that regard.” What ever gave Owens the hint that his actions might be irresponsible? Irresponsible in the light that hundreds of different types of birth control are available at various venues as well as the fact he has not supported the children he has fathered while going off on a social media/television version of living la vida loca in the past few years. The Pigskin Report Football Blog

Owens is a two-legged publicity machine, he has never met a camera he didn’t like. I’m certain that his agent and publicist fought over Owens’ appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Yes, the show got Owens on television, but it was yet another hit to his image. According to the details outlined by USA Today, it was not a show which cast TO in a good light, not the venue for an aging receiver coming off knee surgery trying to find his way back into the NFL.

Owens spends his days now on Twitter and has hundreds of thousands of followers which hang on his Tweets. Why? Is it so important to find out what Owens is up to at nearly every single waking moment? And how many teenagers are following him, thinking that his behavior is simply the norm?




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