By Eric Schmidt

If it weren’t for YouTube, chances are average football fans would never had heard of Monmouth College QB Alex Tanney. On YouTube, Tanney produced a video, Trick Shot artist, which went viral. Rarely does a Division III player break into the NFL ranks, but Tanney is currently being looked at by the Kansas City Chiefs and is drawing some rave reviews.

Tanney put up some astronomical numbers in Division III, passing for over 14,000 yards and 157 touchdowns while showcasing some insane skills on YouTube with what he can do with a football.

Tanney posses prototypical size, coming in at 6′ 4″ 220 pounds and is working out with his second NFL team. Tanney was invited to the Buffalo Bills rookie camp last month and had drawn interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers as well.

Chiefs quarterback coach Jim Zorn told reporters that he really like Tanney, stating that he is doing well in pressure, telling reporters, “He’s great.” Zorn said he had been on his radar but not because of his trick shot ability with the football in his video but for other reasons. “He was on my radar because he’s played a lot of games. It wasn’t so much the YouTube phenomenon as it was that he was a guy that won a lot of games. You have to be able to complete passes to get the stats he had. I kind of liked him that way,” said Zorn.

Tanney will have a difficult time breaking onto the Chiefs roster however. Matt Cassel is the starter and there is a current battle between Ricky Stanzi and Brady Quinn for the back up and third quarterback spots. It’s highly doubtful that the Chiefs will head into the season with four quarterbacks. Kansas City could try to sneak Tanney onto the practice squad, but if he is indeed impressive in camp, he could be snatched up on waivers before reaching the Chiefs practice squad.





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