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Tennessee Titans running back feels the need to continue to compare himself to Miami Heat guard/forward LeBron James. Johnson has already said he would put himself and James in the same category before the Heat won the 2012 NBA Championship, saying he knows how the 3-time NBA MVP feels.

Johnson said that James “gets a lot of criticism just like I do. I like how he bounced back the year after he got a lot of criticism. Came back, got MVP and hopefully can get his team a championship. He just gives me motivation to bounce back for this year, seeing the things that he came back and did, proving the naysayers wrong. I kind of look at him as a guy like me.”

Funny. I don’t really see it.

Johnson plays for the Titans. No offense, but he is not exactly all over ESPN no matter what he does. James led the Heat to the NBA Championship, and did so with little help from his two other superstar teammates in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. James is constantly criticized no matter how well he performs, and he may have had more pressure on him to win a championship than any player in professional sports.

But Johnson still feels he is very similar to James.

“I feel just like LeBron — a lot of people are going to be back on the bandwagon,” Johnson quipped once again. ”He had a lot of haters out there, a lot of people saying he wasn’t good and things like that, and just to see how he overcame that and came back this year and won the championship, it shows his hard work and dedication.”

The difference is that James doesn’t do much talking anymore. He lets his game do the talking. After saying that he signed with the Heat to win multiple championships, he never guaranteed any personal stats, much like Johnson did with his prediction of rushing for over 2,000 yards. James has been more about championships, and actually took less money to sign with Miami and never held out, like Johnson.

“I feel like a lot of people have written me off,” Johnson said. “I still went over 1,000 yards but it wasn’t a CJ2K year. So a lot of people are going to write me off. … I want to be the first one to do it twice, that’s certainly a goal of mine to do. … I feel like I’m still the best back in the league. When I ran for 2,000 yards my goal was to be the best player in the league and I still want to be that. In order for my team to make it to the playoffs, make it to the Super Bowl, I’m going to have to be the best.”

Until Johnson leads the Titans to a Super Bowl by dominating his opponents, I think he should put all of the James comparisons on the back burner. Just a suggestion.





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