By Eric Schmidt

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler recently expressed his concerns regarding the team’s offensive line, and rightfully so after being planted in the turf 110 times in the last three seasons. Chicago has been very slow to address a situation which has been lingering for some time with the Bears. While Mike Martz was the offensive coordinator, he schemed more short, quick routes in order to make up for the line’s deficiencies, but the team still has serious concerns.

Yes, the Bears addressed their issues at wide receiver, adding veteran Brandon Marshall and drafting Alshon Jeffery, but if Cutler can’t stay upright, the addition will be a moot point.

Cutler took to the airwaves to voice his concern over the offensive line. “The people in the Bears building are sometimes a bit sensitive. You always to be pro-Bears and compliment your teammates and stuff but..over a three-year career here, (the offensive line is) definitely at the forefront of my mind every year. Until we get those front five hammered down, we’re still kind of up in the air offensively- even though we’ve got some really, really talented guys on the outside,” Cutler said last month.

Cutler’s toughness has been called into question over the past few years, but he was sacked 52 times in 2010 and the Bears offensive line allowed another 49 sacks last year. Unless the Bears can pull this unit together, it will be another long and sore year for Jay Cutler.

On Friday, Cutler was asked if his remarks caused any ill will in the Bears locker room. “I talked to (OC Roberto) Garza about it and asked if anyone was offended. He said no. He agreed with me. I didn’t throw anyone under the bus, didn’t name anybody specifically and say they are a weak link.”

Personally, I don’t know how anyone could be offended by his words. Actions speak louder than words and the actions of the Chicago offensive line have been horrible.






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