By Eric Schmidt

In yet another attempt to grab headlines, Seattle Seahawks TE Kellen Winslow said that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers “fired the wrong dude” when they parted ways with head coach Raheem Morris. Winslow was traded to the Seattle Seahawks last month after he clashed with rookie head coach Greg Schiano.

In this interview during Seahawks mini-camp via the Real Rob Report, Winslow slams Schiano and his approach to coaching, stating that after the former Rutgers head coach instilled discipline in the team’s offseason workout program and Winslow states he “had to roll”.

Raheem Morris was able to have the support of several players on the Buccaneers roster when he was on the sidelines for Tampa. His approach however was as a player’s coach, not a “company” coach as Winslow describes it. That was the eventual downfall of Morris in Tampa Bay. He was seen out and about town with several of his players at local bars and sporting events. Do you ever see Bill Belichick hanging with the boys at a Celtics game? Hitting a watering hole out on Cape Cod? No.

That is not to say that Morris doesn’t have a future in coaching. Raheem was thrust into a head coaching position in a matter of just a few weeks after being promoted to defensive coordinator after Monte Kiffin announced he would be leaving to join his son, Lane and the University of Tennessee.

Winslow’s comments are a snapshot of what was wrong with the Raheem Morris era in Tampa. He shows a complete lack of respect for someone who was his coach. He repeatedly refers to Morris as “Rah”. “If Rah were here right now” he says in the video. How about showing some respect and referring to him as coach? Do you think the New York Giants players refer to Tom Coughlin as Tom? Steelers players calling Mike Tomlin, Mike? I don’t think so. There is a line between being friends and being the boss. Raheem Morris didn’t distinguish between the two. Veteran CB Ronde Barber told the media last week that Schiano’s approach is something that has been lacking around One Buc Place for some time.

Winslow is a legend in his own mind. He should go back and watch film of what his father did on the field when he played. Speak less, play more.




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  1. avatar Hawk_Eye

    These are grown men playing football. Do you think a coach telling you to “put your toes on the line!” and treating you like a kid is going to work with millionaire players? Not!

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      Millionaires or not, some of these players need to be treated as children, especially Winslow. You see what his attitude got him, a ticket out of town, now joining his third team in his career.

  2. avatar dubc

    Bucs did fire the wrong guy and it wouldnt be the first time, remember Dungy and Gruden. You can hate K2 all you want but informed fans know he was the one of the most productive receivers on that team. What happened in the Raheem Morris era was the inexperience on their roster, the team had like 6 or 7 starters that were in their first or second year. The orginization did nothing to prepare for the lock out and that along with key injuries took a 10 win team to a 4 win team. Those young guys gave up because of a perfect storm of youth, lockout and a cheap roster. This same coach that would go out bar hopping with his players was the same coach that finished second for coach of the year (behind Belichick). I bet Kellen isnt the only person that was on that team that would take a bullet for Rah.


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