By Eric Schmidt

The Dallas Cowboys were in serious need of a backup quarterback for Tony Romo this season and quickly moved to sign Kyle Orton this offseason. Orton comes with a distinguished resume and was perhaps one of the best quarterbacks the Cowboys could have chosen this year. Dallas inked the 29-year old former starting quarterback to a handsome 3-year deal worth nearly $11 million dollars.

Orton has appeared in 71 games in his 8-year career, throwing for nearly 15,000 yards and 80 touchdowns. His highest totals came in 2009 when Orton threw for 3,802 yards and 21 touchdowns.

At this point in Orton’s career, he should be competing for a starting job with a team. He signed with the Cowboys without visiting any other teams in free agency but he is firmly entrenched behind Tony Romo in Dallas. Unless Romo suffers an injury, Orton is not getting on the field. You have to wonder if Orton is now regretting the move to sign with the Cowboys.

Speaking to the Cowboys website, Orton had a curious statement. “I feel like I’ve played good ball in this league, I feel I’ve got a lot of good ball left in me. I don’t see this as committing myself to be the backup. I’m committing myself to be a part of the team.”

Orton went on to say that he understands that Romo is the starting quarterback and that he hopes to contribute any way he can. But if you parse the opening part of his remarks, one could speculate that perhaps he is having second thoughts about signing with the Cowboys or jumping at the first offer which came along.




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  1. avatar George Hretz

    If the Cowboys’ offensive line protects Tony Romo the same way they did last year, Orton could well be the starter. Romo was thrown around like a rag doll in some of the games, and let’s face it, has choked many times in critical games. I like Tony, but he’s no Staubach or Aikman. For that matter, I’d prefer the athleticism of Danny White.


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