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The Miami Dolphins were selected by HBO to be the featured team on this season of Hard Knocks. While many teams turned down the opportunity to have cameras follow them around throughout the majority of the preseason, the Dolphins could not turn down a chance to increase a dwindling fan base and promote their weakening on-field product.

And while many are saying that the Dolphins will not make for great television, some of the teams who have been featured in the past may not have seemed like solid entertainment value either, until you really get to know some of the players under the helmets.

The bottom line is that every team has its’ fair share of characters. The Dolphins can sell a new head coach who has to choose between a three headed quarterback controversy. They have a majority owner who seems more interested in selling off small pieces of the team to celebrities than he does seeing his team win. Miami has a general manager who may be the most hated front office man in the entire NFL.

And they have a player who dated a Kardashian, which becomes less and less of an accomplishment with each passing month.

Either way, the Dolphins should be almost as exciting to watch on Hard Knocks this season as other teams have been in the past. HBO will not settle for anything less. With that being said, here is a look at some prop bets we would like to see sports books roll out once the season begins. Which side would you take?

* Will we see Lauren Tannehill on the season premier? Yes: Even / No: 3-1

* First Dolphins celebrity owner to be mentioned or appear on screen? Jennifer Lopez: 2-1 / Either Williams Sister: 5-2 / Gloria Estefan: 5-1 / Field: Even

* How many times Reggie Bush mentions Kim Kardashian throughout season? Over/Under: 5

* First Dolphins rookie to get lambasted by coaching staff? Ryan Tannehill: 2-1 / Lamar Miller: 4-1 / Jonathan Martin: 7-1 / Other: 10-1

* First Dolphins player to claim team will reach playoffs in 2012? Karlos Dansby: Even / Davone Bess: 2-1 / Vontae Davis: 4-1 / Field: 7-2

In case you were unsure of what Lauren Tannehill looks like, you now know why Ryan is such a lucky man in more ways than one.




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  1. avatar stanger

    “* First Dolphins celebrity owner to be mentioned or appear on screen? Jennifer Lopez: 2-1 / Either Williams Sister: 5-2 / Gloria Estefan: 5-1 / Field: Even”

    Real fun article, but I disagree with the odds on that one.

    Marc Anthony was the real celebrity owner all along, not Lopez, and given what has happened…. So she might get mentioned, but wouldn’t actually be an owner then. Anthony odds: 8-1

    The Williams sisters just don’t seem that into it. Odds: 6-1 (only cause there are two).

    But Estefan is (plus she loves to get her face into everything Miami). Odds: 3-1

    And the co-2nd favorite should be Fergie. Odds: 4-1.

    And still a minority owner last I checked is Hugh Huizenga. Odds: 4-1 (only cause they might mention who Ross bought the team from).

    Far as I know, that leaves nobody in the field category but Ross might sign someone else on. Field odds: 20-1.


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