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Upon news of the release of wide receiver Chad Ochocinco by the New England Patriots, the speculation about his next possible destination ran wild. While many people are mentioning the same old teams who have either gone after diva wide receivers in the past, or those who are a bit thin at the position, it remains a mystery as to whether or not Ochocinco will draw nearly as much interest as people think.

What makes Ochocinco that much different than other aging wide receivers who also come with certain, should we say, questions about their behavior on and off the field? Braylon Edwards is still looking for a new home. As is Plaxico Burress. And don’t forget about Terrell Owens, who, regardless of what many people feel he has left, just won’t go away.

The bottom line is that Ochocinco joins a long list of unemployed receivers who just don’t seem to have a niche in today’s NFL. While I would still put Ochocinco and Burress in a class far ahead of Edwards and Owens, the phones just aren’t ringing for any of these players. That may not change any time soon.

But since Burress, Owens and Edwards have been free agents for while, there is no point in talking about them right now. They are becoming old news, at least in terms of what they do on the field. Again, I do feel as if Burress can still help a team, but he isn’t drawing much interest either.

One team who flat out proclaimed that they had no interest in signing Burress was the Miami Dolphins. While I wrote that it is a mistake by the Dolphins not to at least bring in Burress for a workout, they have said that they are not interested, even though the former New York Jets receiver said he would love to play for Miami.

With that being said, I find it interesting that so many people feel as the Dolphins will reach out to Ochocinco. What makes him that much different than Burress, who had a much better statistical year in 2011 than did Ochocinco. Miami has proven time after time they have no desire in bringing in any veteran players on offense, or anyone who can improve their team, for that matter, so I don’t see Ochocinco being any different.

Adam Schefter of ESPN lists five teams which would make logical spots for Ochocnico, including the Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens. With his recent track record, you can pretty much count out all of those teams. It seems every time he says a player is close to a deal with one team, he signs with an entirely different one shortly after.

Truthfully, I see the Jacksonville Jaguars making more sense than any of the aforementioned ones. They are desperate for help at the position, as well as trying to sell some tickets. While nowhere near the player he once was, Ochocinco could take care of both of those issues.

Either way, he may be sitting around waiting for a phone call for quite awhile. It may very well take a few major injuries to team’s top wideouts for him to receive a tryout.





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