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Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is hands down the worst owner in the National Football League, and he is drastically ruining his own franchise in a pace that would make Donald Sterling look like George Steinbrenner.

Ross has absolutely no idea what to do in Miami. He may be a genius in terms of real estate development, but he is a complete moron in terms of putting together a winning football team in the NFL.

Then again, does he even care?

Ross has proven on a steady basis that not only does he not know what do in terms of football decisions, but he has also demonstrated on a consistent basis that he has his priorities all wrong, at least in terms of the fans.

Ross would be linked to someone who would rather look good than play good. He says that he cares about the fans and about bringing back a winning product to South Beach. Clearly, he is lying.

Since Ross took over as owner of the Dolphins, the team has gotten worse, and much of that is due to his ignorance and preference to play with the social aspect of the team. Ross had a decent head coach in Tony Sparano, but did nothing to help him. He hired the biggest idiot in the world in general manager Jeff Ireland, and that is one key reason why many players will never sign with the Dolphins.

But I’m not going to get into things about how poor of an excuse for a general manager Ireland is right now. That would take too long. And unlike Ross, I can remain focused on what I said I was going to do in the first place.

Ross cares more about bringing in celebrity owners, including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Venus and Serena Williams, Fergie, Jimmy Buffett and others. Again, looking good is more important than actually being good.

Celebrity owners do not distract from the fact that the Dolphins are a last place team in the AFC East. Seeing J-Lo in a hot dress does not take away from the fact that you were unable to land Jim Harbaugh or Jeff Fisher as head coach, or Peyton Manning to lead the team into the future. Seeing the Williams’s sisters in their Dolphins gear after they are eliminated from a tennis tournament does not make the fact that you had a celebration for an opposing quarterback acceptable.

And now, Ross wants to change more Dolphins’ traditions. He already took away the most important one in actually winning games and competing for the playoffs, and now he wants to change the uniforms and possibly even team colors.

While first saying that perhaps only a few minor tweaks could be made to the Dolphins’ color scheme and jerseys, he now said he could see changing things along the lines of what the Miami Marlins did in baseball when they moved into their new stadium.

For those unfamiliar, what the Marlins did was take classic, good looking uniforms and colors and make them look like a small Division III school in a bad area and come up with a cheap looking design that is nowhere near aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, Ross wants to implement Buffett’s song Fins into the stadium when the Dolphins trail or tie the game, and only play the team’s traditional fight song when they go ahead.

Think about that one. Ross has said he has always hated the team fight song. Now, he will only play it when Miami leads in a game?

How often will that be? It is almost as if Ross is guaranteeing a way to never have to play the traditional song again, as he does everything possible to make a once proud franchise into a laughingstock loser.





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  1. avatar Alok Malhotra

    Mr. Kelley,

    I couldn’t agree with you more after just reading your article. I have been a Die Hard Dolphins fan my whole life and watching this team each season a coronary waiting to happen. From blowout playoff loses, idiotic player moves and aquisitions, and just down right inexplicable decision making it’s making me question my loyalty to this team. I recently purchased vanity license plates in my hometown (Ontario, Canada) that read “PHINATIC” and am in constant quarrels with my close friends who just happen to be Patriots, Bills, and 49ers fans. I am already the laughing stock of the AFC East or at most come out tied with the Bills for the cellar position in this division. I am witness to the release of Brandon Marshall (after just buying his jersey) to the Bears for a 3rd round draft pick? I have been witness to how many qb’s now since Marino left this organization? And not to mention the names of these guys, where are they now? Harrington, Culpepper, Lemon, Fiedler, Rosenfels, and the list goes on…who are these guys, the chumps of the NFL. I must tell you that I was so freakin excited this off season when the Manning rumors started and we looked like the front runners, I think I even shed a tear of joy with the thoughts of our organization finally changing. Once again, dissapointment would prevail. And now the changing of jerseys/team colours, etc…seriously? What happens to my 30 or so Phinz jerseys? Can J-Lo, the Williams’ sisters, Marc Anthony reimburse me? Anyway I can go on forever on this topic as I bleed teal and orange but I will not bore you.

    A Disgruntled Dolphins Fan!!!

  2. avatar Mykl954

    To the contrary,

    When you have owners like Ralph Wilson, Woody Johnson, The Bidwells and of course the drunken Jim Irsay who should have stepped in to have pathetic Curtis Painter replaced instead of throwing games to get the first selection, continuing to make Ross and the Fins the media pinata is cheap, pandering, parents’ basement-type irresponsible blogging. Ross has made some newbie errors in the past but has gone far to redeem himself from a willingness to spend money to make money, to reverting back to some of the more cherished Fins traditions, while being smart enough to understand that in an always vibrant, pulsing market like Miami, there’s plenty of competition for spending dollars. It’s not a hellhole like St Louis (the ownership of the Rams is now jerking around the city with an eye to more carpetbagging, so what about Kroenke’s inclusion?) or Buffalo.

    If this is the best journalism you can come up with, we may as well just call you “little Omar” or “little Mando.” Good luck with that!

  3. avatar Jay

    Stephen Ross is only doing these things, changing the uniforms and switching back to the traditional fight song because the fans have asked for it, something he would have never done in the past. In fact, he’s not changing the uniforms but going back to the old all-white unis. He is starting to now do things his own way instead of trying to emulate the true perpetrator of ruining the franchise who is thankfully not with the team anymore, Bill Parcells. If you had any clue you would no that Bill Parcells is more to blame for Miami’s current state than Ross. He hired Tony Sparano who was a strict motivator but a horrible coach. Jeff Ireland was also hired by Parcells who everyone knows as an idiot of a general manager. Pacells built the 2008 Miami Dolphins team for a short term project more than long term. 11-5 was great in 08′, but when he saw opposing teams figure out the Wildcat and that the coaches he hired were ineffective he bailed so the blame wouldn’t be on him. Now Ross has to clean up his mess and he started by hopefully fulfilling his dream of a high powered offense with the hiring of Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman, two noticeable gurus of offense.

  4. avatar Terry

    You don’t do this for a living do you?

  5. avatar Evan

    what a terrible article..stephan ross may have made some mistakes but what owner doesn’t. the past 2 draft years have been some of the best in dolphins history the ideologigy of building a franchise from the the draft is a smart and effective way of building the right franchise. if anything Wayne Huizenga is more to blame for this mess because he was owner in 2006 when the team went to shambles. on paper jeff ireland really hasnt done that bad as a gm by himself and i think proved that with this draft class.. mark my words tannehill will be a stud in a couple year just like rodgers took time to grow so will tannehill

  6. avatar Jason

    First off, Ross didn’t hire Jeff Ireland. The previous owner did. So you’re wrong. Second, how is this second rate hack job considered journalism? Although Ross has a whole lot to prove, there is no way you can question his desire to win. And in case you haven’t noticed, the team is starting to put together a strong nucleus of players. Joe Philbin is a huge up-grade over Tony “I never met a field goal i didn’t like” Sparano.

  7. avatar David

    One word to describe your article: Pathetic!

  8. avatar Phinsup2012

    Are you actually serious about printing this article. You have to be the worst, most negative and bored sports writer ever. Ross has nothing repeat nothing to do with football operations. The fact that you wrote “he couldnt land any of the coaches or qb’s” that were interviewed tells me you know of all things that took place to come to each of those decisions. This makes you full of crap. Because, all of those interviewed play the “game” of using leverage for something else. The fact that any of these interviewers that gave Miami an actual look says something regardless if they signed or didnt. Look at the teams who courted these same people and were not even able to get the foot in the door. Ross is doing a good job with getting the best people on and in his staff to make those decisions. I say let him change the song and colors if he wishes ITS HIS TEAM. The fans will say something if they dont like it. Thats one thing Ross cannot be accused of is not listening to the fans responses and concerns. As for you, I question your ethics of reporting of just flat out bashing and disecting a person of whom you know nothing about other than what you have read by other hating columnists. Ruining the Dolphins, get real and report something worthy you tool.

  9. avatar Josh

    This might be one of the worst articles ever written about a sports team. There are grammatical errors and worst of all factual errors. I am not going to list all the errors but one of the biggest ones is where you claim Ross hired Ireland. Actually, Ireland was here before Ross bought the team.

    I could name at least 10 owners off the top of my head that are worse than Ross is for the Dolphins. Sure he has made mistakes along the way, but the man has learned from them and is doing great things for this franchise. Joe Philbin was the first main football hire under his leadership and appears like they got the right guy based on early results.

    Stop with the bashing of Ross because not only is it not warranted, but whoever this Rob Kelley guy is has no idea what the hell he is talking about. Hopefully he is just an amature sports writer and this is not his job. Otherwise I see a pink slip in the near future for Mr. Kelley.

  10. avatar twyger

    Rob Kelly – Resident moron @ Pigskin report.

  11. avatar Matthew

    What a lame attempt to make Dan Snyder seem better by creating a strawman and then building an artificial case.

    Weak and pathetic.

    I hope Snyder is paying this guy well. At least enough, perhaps, to take a couple remedial writing courses.

  12. avatar Zunk

    You must be a Jets fan, based on these outlandish and ignorant statements. Stephen Ross hasn’t always been the fan favorite, I can say that as a die hard dolphin fan, but based on the weak hand he was dealt when he bought the team he’s not doing too bad. When has signing every big name free agent worked, for example the Redskins year in and year out making big time acquisitions that never seem to pan out. To build a good team you need to develop your stars through the draft and get good role players through free agency, Richard Marshall was a great pick up and I’m confident Tanninhill will become a star.

  13. avatar Carlos Lorenzo

    I truly disagree with you, he is just learning how to manage a football team and allowing football people take decisions, and you should probably do some research so you can see that Ireland was hired along with Sparano by Bill Parcells when Wuizenga was the majority owner.
    I have true confidence in the direction the organization has taken, and even though it may take a couple of years to get to the top I will remain a Dolphin fan
    I guess you are not even a Dolphin fan, so please stop writing about them or at least get yourself informed before posting all this BS.
    You are a disgrace to journalism. I hope you’re not getting paid for these stuff, or otherwise you’re stealing someone’s money

  14. avatar Carlos Lorenzo

    By the way this moron deleted his twitter account, I guess he couldn’t handle a little criticism lol!!!!!

  15. avatar den

    Your new book should be called “Help me I’m an idiot” or “I dont know my butt from a hole in the ground”

  16. avatar YoMomma

    Rob Kelley, some words of advice,keep your day job. First off, your writing skills are horrilbe. Second you just lumped yourself into the stinking pile of a lot of South Florida cub scout media. Omar Kelly, Mando and yourself may now start your own club.
    ” We 3 B D worst writers on the continent” Your content reflects OPINION of about 33 other beat writers in the South Florida area. If you dare to put your name to articles then come up with something worthy of at least having a hint or originality.

    I was asked by someone to read your content and give opinion on it.

    Here is my opinion, its horrible and can make you one guarantee. You will never have a book published again. At least not in the continental United States.

  17. avatar Rumblefish

    Happy Father’s Day Kelley!
    I hope ya get yer “signed Robert Kraft
    Asskissin’ kneepads” ya been wanting.
    Ross will figure things out soon enuff, with Ireland and Philbin’s assistance.


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