By Eric Schmidt

This NFL offseason has been rough for veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens appeared on the Dr. Phil show and was simply hammered. He found himself being cut by an indoor football team, with the team forcing him out of the home they provided for him along with the team provided Jeep Wrangler. But the worst part of this offseason for Owens has been the fact he is garnering no interest from any NFL clubs around the league.

On Monday, Owens decided he was going to move on from long time agent Drew Rosenhaus, replacing the mega-agent with Dallas based Jordan Woy.

The following statement was released yesterday on Owen’s official website-

“I am making changes in my life so I can continue my career as a professional football player.  I have hired Jordan Woy as my new agent.  It was important for me to hire someone who believes in my ability to help an NFL team and believes in me as a person.  I love the game of football and I know I can help a team.  I have had to go through some humbling times but I am more determined than ever to show a team that I can be a huge asset to them as a player and a team leader in the locker room.  I am in the best shape of my life and preparing daily.  I am looking for a team who will give me that chance and I know I will pay big dividends to them as a player and teammate.”

One could read between the lines in this situation and speculate that perhaps Mr. Rosenhaus has decided that there is no interest in Owens around the league but the veteran receiver refuses to acknowledge that reality, prompting the move to change agents.

Owens recently stated that he was interested in playing in the San Francisco Bay area for the either the Oakland Raiders or the 49ers. Owens showed up at a Raiders workout, but not as part of an official team sanctioned workout. No NFL team has brought the aging veteran coming off a knee injury in for a workout.

Owens does keep himself in remarkable shape and he likely could still contribute something on the field in 2012. But it’s likely that he will have to wait until the start of training camp for the phone to ring. If the phone doesn’t ring this year, it should become apparent that his career in the NFL is indeed over. Next question.





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