By Eric Schmidt

Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White has been the most productive receivers in the NFL in the last five season with five straight 1,000+ yard seasons and two back-to-back 100 receptions seasons. The Falcons will head into the 2012 season with a new offensive coordinator and the star wide receiver expects to see his role with the offense decrease this season.

White has spent the last several seasons as the focal point of the Atlanta passing game but under newly hired offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, White expects the team to spread the ball around more.

Speaking to reporters, White seemed excited about the prospect of what the Falcons can achieve on the field next season. “I know that sounds crazy, but we’ve got other guys out there that can play. Julio (Jones) is going to be a big part of the offense this year. Harry (Douglas) is going to do wonders in the slot. We have to maximize our talent and get the ball in everyone’s hands,” said White. “We switched some things up. We are doing the things (Koetter) likes to do. He’s a smart guy, and he knows what we do best.”

From a fantasy standpoint, this should cause White’s value to slide a little. Even though the new offensive coordinator is planning on getting more players involved in the offense, White should still be in line for another 1,000 yard season with at least 75 receptions. I would also suggest adjusting second-year receiver Julio Jones accordingly. Jones could have a significant season. Last year, Jones had half the receptions of White (54) and still nearly crossed the 1,000 yard receiving threshold. Jones and White both score the same number of touchdowns, (8). I would look at Jones leading the Falcons this season in receiving touchdowns. In addition, look for QB Matt Ryan to cross into the mid-30’s in touchdowns thrown this season, setting a career high.





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  1. avatar Hubert Sellers

    I hope your right,but I just don’t see our offensive line being good enough to sustain a long ball passing attack. Other teams will blitz if we try it and Ryan will get sacked even more risking injury. We will revert right back to throwing the short down and outs to Rodney for first downs. Other teams do not respect Atlanta for throwing long passes and so they load the box to stop the run. Until Atlanta can prove that they are a long ball threat, then other defenses will load the box, stop the run and shut our whole game plan down. I hope this doesn’t happen but until our offensive line can improve and gel together then other teams will play us the same as ussual.


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